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Top Ten Famous People with Crazy Spectacle Frames


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Spectacle frames come in various shapes and designs. Most designer frames are very stylish. They could easily enhance the beauty of your face to make you more attractive. However, there are funky and crazy frame designs built for the more adventurous eyeglass fanatics.

Spectacle frames with weird and funny designs are obviously not for everyone. Some celebrities wear crazy eyeglasses for the sheer fun of it. On the other hand, there are also famous people who love the shock value of their eyeglass frames.

Types of Crazy Spectacle Frames

There are different types of crazy eyeglass frames. The most common variety is the overly large or humungous frame. There are many celebrities and famous people who are very fond of wearing glasses with large frames. These frames are usually too big and they can surely attract attention.

Famous People with Crazy Spectacle Frames

Here is a list of famous people who were seen wearing funky and out of this world eyeglass frames.

1. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - No one can argue that the former first lady’s fashion sense was simply marvelous. However, she was also very fond of overly large sunglasses frames. Her name was closely associated with oversized glasses and shades. She made large framed glasses very fashionable.

2. Andy Warhol - Pop culture icon Andy Warhol wore different types of spectacle frames. He was also very fond of oversized frames.

3. Sir Elton John is another big fan of funky and oversized frames. His humungous glasses were a regular feature of his performances.

4. Elvis Presley - The King was often seen wearing trendy spectacle frames. But he also wore weird glasses with odd-shaped frames.

5. Janis Joplin - American singer Janis Joplin popularized the hippie spectacles. Her hippie glasses were rose colored and typified the oversized frames of the 70s.

6. Britney Spears - The infamous spice girl has an affinity for odd shaped eyeglasses and shades. Her heart shaped eyeglass frames is still popular today.

7. Paris Hilton wore the Robo Shade which is one of the weirdest sunglasses ever designed. It is actually a frameless sunshade inspired by techno art.

8. Kanye West - Kanye’s shade and spectacles look cool and hip. However, he also wears weird and crazy shades with funny spectacle frames. Kanye revived the shutter glasses that feature thick frames.

9. Kevin McHale of Glee was seen wearing nerdy eyeglasses. His fans however loved the geeky look.

10. Lastly, who can forget the Hogwarts inspired spectacles of Harry Potter. The famous wizard reinvigorated the demand for crazy round shaped spectacle frames. The geeky looking glasses however looked great on Daniel Radcliffe’s face.

Some crazy spectacle frames (or as we say here in Denmark - Find billige brillestel ) have weird and funny shapes. People wear these types of frames just for fun or to make a weird fashion statement.

If you want to make a fashion statement, then you should consider wearing geeky, weird, and crazy looking eyeglass frames. These eyeglasses made some celebrities famous. The crazy frame designs have become the trademark of famous people and celebrities.


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