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Fabulous People and Their Glasses - Top Celebrities Who Wear Eyeglasses


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There are some people you can not imagine without their glasses. They have made their eyeglasses as a form of personal trademark. For some people however, wearing eyeglasses is not cool because there is a wrong notion that an eyewear can make a person look five years older. This is not true especially if you have fabulous eyeglasses that reflect your unique personality.

Just look at the list of famous celebrities who wear glasses and you will discover that an eyewear can be used as your personal signature. A top quality eyewear could make you stand out among the crowd. So here is a quick look on famous celebrities who wear fabulous eyeglasses.

The Beginnings of Sports Eyewear

In past, sportsmen rarely use corrective eyewear when they compete in their respective fields. But when Boston Red Sox center fielder Dom Dimaggio started wearing glasses, other sportsmen and competitive players who need eyewear also started wearing one.

Dom Dimaggio was a famous Major Leaguer and a 7-time member of the All Stars Team. He was known as The Professor because he wore spectacles during every game. His eyeglass was designed for myopia. It was a horn rimmed piece with shatter proof and armor plated lenses. The popularity of Dom ‘The Professor’ Dimaggio also popularized the wearing of eyeglasses in the sporting world.

Celebrities Who Look Fabulous in Their Glasses

Who can forget the iconic spectacles of John Lennon? The British rock icon together with his band mates in the Beatles took the music and fashion world by storm during the 60s. Lennon’s famous round specs with thin wire frame however is still very popular today. It made wearing spectacles totally cool and hip.

The same is true with the character played by Daniel Radclifee in the movie series Harry Potter. The young wizard wears very simple glasses but they look very good on him. This created a mania that popularized the Harry Potter bespectacled-look.

Some of today’s music artists are also fond of wearing glasses. The great musicians Sir Elton John for example always wear different eyeglasses when performing on stage. Other modern musicians who are wearing spectacles include Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, DMC from Run DMC, R&B artist Bobby Brown, Lisa Loeb, and Bo Diddley, to name just a few.

Some famous female celebrities also sport chic glasses on and off the screen. Alicia Keys prefer square frames with dark colors. Her brand of eyeglasses adds mystery to her face. Dianne Keaton, Carol Burnett, and Demi Moore are very fond of colored lenses.

Some of the hottest celebrities today look classier when they wear their glasses. Kate Beckinsale for example looks utterly beautiful in her frameless and oval shaped spectacles. The classic school girl spectacles of Megan Fox on the other hand failed to hide the beauty of her face.

Famous people wear glasses either for fashion or prescription. So do not be afraid to wear a spectacle because it can become your personal trademark and could make you famous someday

To know more about the strength of glasses, or “Billige kvalitets briller med styrke " as people call them here in Denmark, check this site out.


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