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Spectacle Lenses: Materials You Can Choose From


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Buying new spectacle lenses is quite exciting. You will feel like you are going to be a new person because of your new eyewear. It is something you might look forward to, especially when it comes to the design. But before you start choosing the color and the details you want in your new spectacle lenses, how about you consider the material first? The material is very important – it will determine how the spectacle lenses will stand the test of time as well as feel on your face. After all, designs come and go and tastes can change within a matter of months – but the feeling of comfort and getting more bangs for your buck will always be the same.

Two Basic Choices

In the realm of spectacle lenses, there are actually only two conventional categories in terms of materials: metal and plastic. Under both categories, you might find other kinds of materials but basically metal and plastic are the most common ones. There are obvious differences between these two materials. First of all, metal spectacle lenses are heavier compared to plastic lenses. The metal frames category has several members such as beryllium, titanium and monel. These are the more common metal materials for spectacle lenses. These subcategories have their own features. For example, being resistive to corrosion is one feature of monel frames. Spectacle lenses made from monel frames are also more malleable.

Titanium metal spectacle lenses are a great pick because these are durable, corrosive resistant, tough and at the same time lightweight. No wonder many buyers of spectacle lenses prefer this over other materials. If you have the budget, you can also consider getting a pair of titanium glasses. These are a bit on the expensive side so it has a smaller market base. As an alternative, you can go for beryllium which is the budget alternative. Frames made from beryllium are considerably cheap while retaining several features of titanium ones. These are also ideal for people whose skin is highly acidic. As well as those whose work environments are on the salty side. There are also other spectacle lenses made from lesser kinds of metal material such as stainless steel, nickel and copper.

The Lighter Side of Things

For those who like a bit more fun and lightness in their frames, the other material for spectacle lenses would be plastic. Plastic is actually a lot more complicated than one might think. For one thing, plastic also has different categories of materials. These include cellulose, nylon, zylonite, polycarbonate and blended nylon. The commonality among these materials that endear plastic spectacle lenses to many people is that it is lightweight so your face does not feel weighed down. Plastic eye frames are also a lot cheaper compared to metal ones, which is why proud wearers of plastic glasses have the tendency to buy several pairs to mix and match when they feel like putting on a new look.

Whatever type of material one chooses will depend on specific likes and dislikes, as well as budget and maintenance conditions – so choose wisely!

My Danish cousin caught me writing this article, and I asked him what the Danish term is for spectacle lenses. He said it is Nye Brilleglas . To learn more about spectacle lenses, you can also take a look at this .


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