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Glasses or contact lenses – which ones are better?g


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There is a genetic predisposition for myopia. If the parents wear glasses, there is a high possibility that their child is going to wear glasses too. However, any person can damage their vision by sitting for hours in front of a computer or TV for example. And then in front of him or her, inevitably raises the question: what is better - glasses or lenses? However, the answer is that both have advantages and disadvantages.

Every year the “four-eyes" is becoming more and more popular because the glasses became a fashion accessory. People with normal vision wear them to look more elegant and smart. For short-sighted, it remains important to get a prescription from a specialist, and they should be wearing their glasses in strict accordance, otherwise their vision will only get worse.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of wearing glasses and those of wearing contact lenses. Glasses - glass or plastic lenses? Modern Plastics can give odds to the classical glass. Plastic is safer. It is harder to crack or damage. The glass is thinner and it remains in a good condition and not scratched for longer than the plastic lenses. The index of refraction.

This is an important quality point. The higher the index, the thinner the glass, and the less it is curved. After all, even adults, more often ladies, refuse to wear glasses because the “thick minus lenses” make their eyes look smaller.

Lenses correct your vision more precisely, and with them you can see better than with glasses. The lenses provide a sharper image and increase your peripheral vision. Lenses are great and they will make you feel again like a “normal person".

However, don’t think that lenses are going to make you independent at all. They will be just like your glasses although they are not going to be visible for anybody. You should even take care of them a lot more than for your glasses.

The most common soft lenses exist in different versions. The standard lens is the smallest of all the liquid content of soft lenses and their durability can be from six months to a year. However, sleeping with lenses is not allowed. And as we said, you should take a good care of them. Every night, these lenses must be put into a special container, you should gently wash them and once a month you should take them to the optician store to do a special clean-up. You should buy new lenses at least every six months, but there are different kinds of lenses on the market now. Frequent replacement of lenses could be worn for two weeks to a month. “Breathable" lenses are soft lenses, which have high permeability. Opticians recommend wearing them constantly without taking them off for a month, then to put on a new pair. Rigid gas permeable lenses are replacing the conventional hard lenses on the market. These lenses do not dry out, do not change their optical properties, which helps the eye to breathe. Such lenses’ durability is about two years. To take care of them is simple - you can rinse them with plain water and put them in the same solution as the soft lenses (or kontaktlinser in Danish). However, the individual choice is much more complicated. The lens should match with the front surface of the cornea, which can be checked with the help of special techniques. Or you can just choose a type of glasses (or as my Danish friend calls them - brille ) and not bother with lenses. .


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