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The Harm to Wear a Pair of Glasses For a Long Time


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Nowadays, the problems of vision detects such as myopia, hyperopic, pre-subtopic, astigmatic and so on have already become serious matters for every people whether they have these problems or not. In every place, you can see that there are people who wear glasses, especially in school, in ten students there are at last seven myopias. Actually the price of the glasses is very high, even the cheapest one is above 200 dollars. So many people always wear the same glasses for several years, or they would change the glasses only one time in a year even more years. Many experts have pointed out that this act is wrong. It is harmful to our eyes to wear a pair of glasses for a long time.

First, wear a pair of glasses for a long time can cause the frame out of shape. The frame may become loose, and it is not suitable to your face size. This can add much burden to the people’s nose and ears. Also, the distortion of frames can lead to lenses that not being parallel to the pupil of the eye.

Second, wear a pair of glasses for a long time can make the eyes deformation, because the lenses have been not parallel to the pupil of the eye. The vision strength often changes, if people wear unsuitable glasses for a long time, it can deepen the degree. So it is better for people to regularly see doctor and examine the refractive index.

Third, to wear a pair of glasses for a long time can abrade the lenses, and scratch on the lenses makes people not able to see things clearly. Then the people would narrow the eyes to see things much clearly, this act may deepen the visual degree.

The main reason that people do not want to change glasses is that the glasses are too expensive. In America, the glasses are one of the high consumption goods. Many people would not like to spend too much money on glasses. In fact, people can pay little money for the glasses; they can buy them over the Internet, where the commodities are very cheap. People can save about 40%-60% money, compared with the entity glasses stores. So it is a good choice to buy glasses over the Internet. Among various online stores, the , is quite good - competitive and unbeatable prices, high quality, free glasses accessories such as hard case & cleaning cloth & the screw driver, free shipping, which you can get your glasses without paying one coin for shipping, 24 online customer service that you can ask for help through live chat at any time you want, then the durability guarantee to your commodity.

Therefore, it is not necessary to wear one pair of glasses for a long time; you can change them whenever you want.


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