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Factors To Consider In Purchasing Spectacle Frames


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As technology moves forward, glasses also go along with styles as well as designs that aptly collaborates every wearer’s lifestyle. Unlike before, they have unpleasant appearance which compels people from wearing it. In ancient times, glass is worn not as an item in correcting vision problem but denotes authority and intelligence. With the influence of modern technology, glasses come with artistic designs that aptly suit each individual’s personality.

Obviously, in selecting glasses, the topmost vital factor to consider is the frames. Well, it is every wearer’s desire to look excellent with their spectacle frames . You could choose the hippest and stylish frames available in the market but if it is contrary to the shape of your face and color, then perhaps it will not look good as you hoped for. There are several things you should carefully consider when choosing the frames suitable for you. Read on and see.

Eyeglass frames are great way to underline your personality

  1. Skin tone – generally, people have two skin tones. The first skin tone is blue based or cool tones. Such individuals embraced an undertone of either pink or blue. The second skin tone is yellow based or warm tones. People having that type of tone fit to cream and peaches undertones. While those with olive skin tone is mainly considered as cool tones due to its mixture of yellow and blue. Aside from natural color, it is also worth considering your clothing fashions which ultimately complements your chosen frame.
  2. Ascertain your eye color – find out the color of your eyes. It could be cool or warm and take into account your hair color temperature. Considering such factors helps in certifying whether you have a cool or warm color.
  3. Facial shape – selecting frames is much easier today. Recognizing the shape of your face as well as your color temperature, you already have an idea of frame color and style that best suits you. Warm colors must go for orange, khaki, bright red, blond turquoise, gold, while and warm blue. Cool colors on the other side must head for magenta, darker turquoise, black, pink, bluish gray and blue.

Aside from the aforementioned factors, it is highly recommended to consult your optician to expand further your knowledge in choosing the right spectacle frame. Also, upon heading to buy frames (try this link for more), request a friend or any of your family members whom you really trust and deeply care for you in selecting spectacle frames for your eyes. With their company, they can suggest better shapes, color, style, as well as designs that highly complement your biggest asset and feel good upon wearing your glasses ( more about glasses here ) True, designs of glasses now go with the advancement of technology so you would not feel old-fashion on wearing glasses. After all, even people without vision problems wear glasses for fashion sake.


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