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What is Lasik Surgery Who Should Undergo the Lasik Surgery?


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Many people using eyeglasses or contacts everyday can now rely on the fast growing Lasik surgery. As usual, there are good and bad candidates for this surgery whose aim is to correct impaired vision. Hence, the question that raises the need for an accurate definition of good qualifications of Lasik patients.

In order to be considered as a good candidate of Lasik surgery, there are some rules you will need to abide by. First of all, you should be over eighteen years old. You should also a current and valid prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. You should not be affected by some diseases including eye diseases.

As already stated any Lasik patients should be adult and should in possession of a prescription for at least two years. Teenagers experience too many variations in their eyes making them a bad candidate for Lasik. Another criterion is a stable eyeglass or contact prescription not older than two years prior to the surgery. This precaution will make sure that the eyes are in a steady state otherwise it can seriously hinder the outcome of the surgery.

It is also a requirement that Lasik candidates should not have suffered from any eye condition. These include nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness or a combination of any of these anomalies. Also, good candidates of Lasik should have an appropriate corneal thickness in order to help the creation of a correct flap to simulate the depth. Pupils should not expand over a range exceeding seven millimeters in the darkness. This is usually an indicator of the likes of halos or glare.

Furthermore it is required to any good candidates that any previous disease contracted in the past should not affect the patient. This includes any previous surgery related to the eyes or not that could hinder the outcome or the healing process of the surgery. A good candidate should not have any herpes infection in the eye because Lasik can bring about a similar problem. Good candidates should not experience any autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Hepatitis or Crohn's disease.

Moreover, good candidates should not have any eye diseases for at least one year before the surgery is supposed to take place. Also, the cornea should not be scarred. Good candidates should not suffer from the dry eyes syndrome because it can be worse after the Lasik surgery. Pregnant women are prohibited to undergo the Lasik surgery due to the high fluctuations in their hormone levels. Patients suffering from the following diseases should not undergo the Lasik surgery: cataracts, advanced glaucoma, corneal disease, corneal thinning disorders or other pre-existing eye diseases.

You should always remind yourself that Lasik surgery is designed to help improve your vision. Therefore it may help to reduce the dependency on eyeglasses and contacts. You may experience the case in which your dependency on these tools. Some patients may have their problems sorted after the surgery but you should bear in mind that others are not as things can get worse. You should remember that this is not a perfect surgery. Statistics show that most patients experience an improved vision and others have an improvement factor of 20/40 or even better after the Lasik surgery.

You should also remember that surgery is not risk-free. Good candidates should fully understand those risks and have good expectations. Otherwise you are definitely not a good candidate of Lasik surgery. Good candidates should make sure they understand how the surgery works and the benefits before undergoing the surgery. Good candidates should also fully understand the risks before deciding to undergo the surgery.

Any patients intending to undergo the surgery should double check with their eye practitioner and have a good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of the surgery.

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Benefits Of LASIK Eye Surgery
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