Wiping Off Your Sweat From a Workout

Josh Stone

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If you've just finished a gruelling set and discover that you've left a nice little puddle on the cushion/cardio machine big enough for your pet fish to swim in it, please, PLEASE, PLEAAAASE wipe it off! There is nothing worse than lying on a bench with the previous user’s sweat all over it.

Have you ever wondered - what is sweat? Sweat and urine are both wastes from metabolic activities and consists of water, salts, and urea. So, yes, sweat & urine are made basically from the same ‘ingredients’ (except in different concentrations). Now, do you feel like lying down and rubbing your face in another person's urine? I didnt think so.

I've heard some people say that it doesn't matter because their sweat will evaporate and therefore isn't a problem - but the truth is that only the WATER evaporates, leaving behind the yucky parts ready for the next person to unknowingly wet it with his/her own sweat and get it all over them. Think of it as “instant urine" the next time you see someone walk away from a pool of sweat with that excuse.

So. . the next time you use the equipment at your gym and leave behind a little puddle of your juices - PLEASE wipe it off before you go. I don't want to wipe your sweat. Towels help you keep your sweat to yourself!

If you don't carry a towel, check to see if your gym does (most gyms do). Fitness first keeps many towels together with a spray bottle of disinfectant (in this case, dettol). Spray it on the towel, then wipe.

I'm off to the gym now, with a towel to wipe my sweat. ;)

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