My Comeback To The Gym: Why Didn't I Lose My Strength?

Josh Stone

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Yesterday, I made comeback to the gym after a 16 day complete break (no weights, cardio, nothing!). Also, in those 2 weeks, I wasnt exactly eating very healthy (it's the holiday season - and I'm only human!). I also stopped Tribulus and Creatine supplementation.

Normally, when you take such a break from the gym, you would realise that your strength levels would drop and you wouldnt be able to work with the weights you normally handle when you return. This, of course, is absolutely normal - and your strength levels would return in a few days or up to a week. This happened to me every time I took a break, or was forced to take a long break from my regular training (sometimes due to illness/work). In fact, this is normal for everyone else I know who trains.

Anyway, the weirdest thing happened yesterday. Was planning on making a ‘slow-comeback’ (easing into my regular routine - starting with much lighter weights so that I dont get extremely sore the next day), and I was surprised to learn that my strength levels were at almost 100% as it previously was. No way!

Out of curiosity - I then grabbed a barbell and loaded my usual weights for bicep barbell curls (2 x 22lbs (10kg) plates) and was able to successfully complete a set of 8 reps! No way!

Of course, as I've been away from the gym, I lacked the stamina to do it the regular number of sets - but I'm amazed at how I've managed to maintain my strength levels. Anyone has a clue?

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