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Two Common Stomach Exercises To Avoid

James Okai

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Times have changed. Nowadays, everyone seems to be looking for ways to improve their physique and look. I don't blame them. We are all judged whether we like it or not by our looks at first glance. Even you, the reader, do it every single day.

The part of the body that gets most peoples attention is the stomach. Everybody wants a flat stomach. Well, not everyone but most people do. A lot of people do so many exercises hoping to tackle this trouble spot. The only problem here is that most people do the wrong exercises.

Most people perform stomach exercises that will not get them the result they want and at best it will injure them. What is fascinating is that the exercises that are the most popular are the ones you might want to stay away from. A word of advice to you here is that you should lose some weight overall before you even begin doing stomach exercises. Your six pack will definitely not show if all you do is stomach exercises. You need to moderate your diet and lose weight and then you will start to see some improvements.

Two of the exercises people do that should be avoided are the stomach exercises done on machines and hanging leg raises.

Stomach exercise machines:

Ok, don't bother with these. You are doing yourself no favours when you don't recruit your muscle fibres when exercising. Stomach exercise machines have a habit of helping too much and therefore making the whole point of exercising useless. Try and exercise without unnecessary machines assisting you. You will recruit more of your muscle fibres plus exercising that way will enhance every part of your body since your body works as a whole to perform the exercise thereby improving the overall body condition.

Hanging leg raises:

These stomach exercises should be avoided. Now, if you are really into having a bad back then be my guest. However, if you want to have a good stomach workout then this is probably not your best choice. It is a difficult exercise to do and probably not for those who are starting out and do not have the knowledge of doing it properly. When doing this exercise your back suffers because you do not get any support. What this means is that you tend to arc you back when trying to raise your legs to stimulate the muscles in your mid section. This puts a strain on your back muscles and in no time you will be wishing you never started. Save yourself that time and pain. Avoid it.

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