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Getting Butt in Shape


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When you want to get your butt in to better shape, you should know the exercises to do it, but you should also know the basics about your butt. I try to explain in simple what makes your butt the way it is. Your butt consists of skin, muscle and fat. You probably knew this already. Men usually have more muscle mass, where women have more fat around their butt. How the shape is determined, your muscles make the shape, your butt fat makes the extra size and the skin keeps it together. This is a little simplified presentation of the situation, but basically it is true.

First, it is important to understand that your butt muscles give your butt the shape and much of the size of it. The only way to build up muscle mass is to exercise. There are different exercises, different ways to exercise, which all will give different results. Some build your muscle, some tone and lengthen your butt muscles. Building and firming butt muscle is for those who want to firm up their butt and get more shape into it. Those who on the other hand feel that their butt is too big and feel it is due to muscles in your butt, you should try to lengthen your butt muscles to get it smaller.

Secondly you should have some amount of fat around your butt. Too much will make it lose it's shape and too little isn't either nice looking, just skin and muscle doesn't look good on a female. Male on the other hand, big butt muscles and low fat is considered to look good.

When your butt muscles and butt fat starts to be in condition, your butt will look better and you don't need to worry about your butt skin. The same techniques which will make skin on your face or else where tight, work on your butt also. In general though, you don't need to concern about your skin. Main aim is to get better butt muscles by using different exercises for butt . Then start to think about your butt fat and what kind of butt you want.

Author of this article and sites such as ab exercises and has over 15 years of experience in different sports and weightlifting.


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