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Guide to Strength Training - 9 Tips to Start


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There are many strength training exercises and regimes that one can follow to develop strength and muscles. There are many precautions that one should follow as well while strength training. The key is to do the exercises repetitively in routine giving adequate breaks to the body so that the body is not strained. Always know your limits and never try to push your body what it can normally handle in a day. This will always result in injuries.

1. Before undertaking any strength training routine, make sure that you have warmed up well. This not only helps to prevent a lot of injuries but also makes the exercises in the routine more effective. A good place to start will be with the workouts that work all the major muscle groups in the body.

2. This helps in activating all the muscles there are and helps to build up the strength that you would require for more intense workouts.

3. This can be done for every alternate day in a week giving the body enough time to rest and be ready for the next workouts.

4. Cardio exercises can be done for warm ups before the heavy exercises as this helps to build up stamina and helps you to perform the exercises more effectively.

5. A good suggestion is to choose two exercises and perform them alternating with each other. Do adequate repetitions for each of these exercises.

6. As a beginner you can perform about 15 to 20 of these repetitions. If you feel that this is too easy for you then you can switch to higher weights. An important point here is to do the exercises slowly and steadily.

7. To perform the exercises rapidly decreases the effectiveness of the exercises and also makes you prone to injuries. May of you might be going to the gym for a work out. Here the strength training exercises are best done first with the aid of the machines.

8. This helps in the stabilization of the movements and also the adequate support that is needed by a beginner. Keep adding each week to your routine, maybe a few pounds or a few more reps to your routine. This aids in progressive increase of the strength of your body.

9. Carry on this routine for about six weeks before you change to an even more intense routine. This will help your body get used to the pressure and help you to carry out the exercises better.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X workout routines is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.


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