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3 Steps For Great Looking Biceps and Triceps


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The biceps are the muscles that are found in front of your upper arm which functions by lifting the lower arm as it contracts and by enabling your palm to turn upward. The triceps on the other hand are those found at the back of the upper arm which functions by extending the lower arm when it contracts. Both the biceps and the triceps control the movements of your arms and likewise control the wrist and the hand movements.

Among the vanities of males is to have great looking biceps and triceps that they can flaunt. While women want to get slimmer, males put in much attention and effort to achieve bigger and triceps and biceps muscles. There are numerous ways to achieve that result and some even go for the faster route which is to take in steroids. Nonetheless, it is still better to do it the natural way with natural workout routines. Here are 3 steps to have great looking biceps and triceps.

1. The Cable Pushup - The cable pushup is a sort of a flushing movement where you will need a bar of medium length. To perform the routine, just position your body straight up and then do pushups as straight as possible. Make sure that as you do the pushups, the elbows are tucked in and the focus should be on the triceps. As you reach the bottom position, try to squeeze the triceps for at least one to two seconds. Try to keep your repetitions more controlled and concentrated to achieve better results and do at least three sets of at least twelve to fifteen repetitions per set.

2. The Dips - After doing a cable push up, a number of fitness instructors suggest that you do the dips in order to give a blast to the triceps. Here you would need a grip which would be wider than a shoulder width. Then you can place a plate in between your legs so as to add more resistance while you perform the routine. The dips are much like the chest exercises and in fact, you can perform the dips as a form of chest exercise. The difference though is what kind of muscles you would want to target. If you want to target your triceps and biceps, the technique is not to lean to far forward. Squeeze your triceps at the top and make at least twelve (12) to fifteen repetitions in at least three sets.

3. The Preacher Bench Curls - After exercising your triceps, for your biceps, try the preacher bench curls. You can start with the aid of a 35-pound bar accompanied by two dimes on each side of the bar. Then as you reach the start position, just place an additional of at least 5 pounds on each side until you reach 145 or 155 pounds of weight. All in all, you would be able to make a maximum of 8 - 9 sets on this routine.

Lastly, keep in mind that your movements and routines must be more controlled if you want to achieve faster and better results.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X workout routines is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.


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