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Two Varieties of Push Ups to Build Chest Muscles


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It definitely looks attractive for males to have bigger and well defined chest muscles. Nevertheless, it takes time and dedication to achieve the chest build that you want to have. It likewise depends on the amount of time you devote for fitness exercises and the degree of challenge that the routines that you perform can do for your chest. There are even stimulating machines that you place either on your chest or abs to stimulate the muscles. Nevertheless, the routines are still far effective and healthy alternatives to get a great shaped chest.

If you want to increase the size of your chest, the push ups are still among the best routines to do. Here are two of the best varieties of push ups to build chest muscles.

1. The Pushup - The pushup is an excellent way to work on your chest since you can perform the exercise without need of any equipment. To start the ordinary push up routine, you need to position your hands a shoulder width apart and then position your knees a bit on the back so that the weight is on the hands and remember also to flatten your back. Your abs should be kept inside and back straight before you start to bend the elbows with your lower body facing the floor until your elbows are positioned at a 90-degree angle. After that, push back and do the routine for at least three sets of at least ten (10) to sixteen (16) repetitions for every set.

2. The pushup with medicine ball - Another variation of the push up routine is the push up with medicine ball. The use of the ball work in two ways, it adds support and at the same time adds challenge to the routine. The pushup with medicine ball elevates one hand on the ball and adds a degree of difficulty and dynamism on the routine. Likewise, the rolling of the ball from one hand to the other engages the abs. To start the routine, get into the pushup position either on the knees or on the toes but make sure that your body is in aligned and in straight position to avoid injury.

Place one of your hands on the medicine ball and keep the other on the floor. Before you start to do the pushup, get your balance first and then lower down to a pushup position. Push back up and then roll the ball on the floor to alternate with your other hand and then lower than again into pushup. Make at least three sets of at least ten (10) to sixteen (16) repetitions for every set.

These are just two of the varieties of push up for your chest but there are still many other chest exercises that you can try.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X workout routines is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.


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