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3 Fitness Crunch Routines to Shape Up Your Abs


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Indeed men and women pay much attention to shape up and firm up their abs. In fact, a number of the fitness machines have been developed to specifically address this growing concern. For men and women, being able to wear shirts that fit your body or show some skin is fashionable but you just cannot get into the fad but end up with embarrassment for flaunting flabby and fatty abs.

If you want to have an abs which is tighter and more defined, the crunches are known to be the most effective mid section exercises. Here are 3 fitness crunch routines to shape up your abs.

1. The bicycle crunch - A great routine to uptight your abs is the bicycle crunch. This routine is recommended to many fitness enthusiasts because it can practically achieve twice the result of a regular crunch. To start the routine, bear in mind that in order to attain a more desirable result you need to keep your bicycle crunch moderate or slow. This means that as you perform the routine, you have to use both your upper abs and lower abs. Start by extending one leg and keeping the other leg in a bent position. Have each opposite elbow touch the bent leg like a twisting crunch. Without dropping or resting your torso, try to perform the same routine on the other side.

2. The decline crunch - Most of the fitness centers have a decline sit up board or you can make a decline board on your own provided you keep it stable. Just like the traditional crunch, what you need to do here is to perform crunches but only that you do the crunches in a decline position. Most of the declines are adjustable particularly those in the gyms and the degree of the decline also determines the degree of difficulty such that you have to adjust it yourself to determine which height you want to work with. In this routine, one may opt to do a sit up or a crunch but the crunch is more challenging. Then if you are not satisfied with just a crunch, add up some weight on your chest.

3. The fitness ball crunch - This particular crunch makes use of a medicine ball. Here, you roll the ball backwards as you do the ordinary crunch so as to keep your buttocks in order, close enough to the ground. Once you are done, do it again in the other direction.

As you perform these crunch routines, make sure to observe that you perform the routine a bit slow so that you feel the contraction and the stretch in your abs.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X workout routines is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.


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