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Walking Lose Weight Walking Using Secret Techniques That Burn 30% More Calories!

Jennifer Jolan

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Walking - Lose weight walking using techniques that FORCE your body to burn a ton more calories. Walking by itself is not very good for fast weight loss, but when you incorporate 2 easy TRICKS, your body responds with FURIOUS weight loss. If you want to turn your body into fat burning furnace and you like to walk, you can finally use walking to accomplish major fat loss within 10 days.

Walking - Lose Weight Tricks

1. To get the most out of walking, walk UP

As in, walk uphill or on some sort of incline. Personally, walking outside is much healthier and more natural, but I don't recommend that. Why? Because most people don't have some sort of hill nearby. Plus, weather (rain, snow, cold, etc) also makes it so people won't do it.

Instead, use a treadmill that has the ability to incline. When you find one, incline it 15 degrees and walk as much as possible on it. . . 20-30 minutes each day. Walking with just this 1 change will cause a few pounds extra of fat to be burned each month.

2. Trick to burn off more fat - deep breathe when walking

Oxygen fuels fat burning. The more you get of it, the better your fat burning goes. So try this out. The next time you walk (hopefully on an inclined treadmill), take a deep breath once each minute. That's all you need to do. Take a deep breath FROM YOUR STOMACH and let out a big exhale.

Doing this once a minute has been shown to help increase the amount of calories burned by 30%.

Use these 2 techniques for walking to lose weight fast without having to alter much of what you're currently doing (if you walk already).

If you're SICK and TIRED of getting the same old boring weight loss advice. . . you know, like “Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, jog, and blah blah blah", then. . .

Click to get your FREE EBOOK “How SPINNING Around Like a Child TRIPLES your Weight Loss". A strange, but true, way to LOSE 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm giving away this report today and tomorrow ONLY to anyone who visits my website! So get it before tomorrow night.

If you're truly serious about losing weight, then go to the link below to get your free report now. If you don't lose 10 pounds. . . I'd be QUITE surprised!

Jennifer Jolan


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Walking to Lose Weight Its Easier Than You Think!
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