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Two Steps For Increasing Vertical Leap


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Your vertical leap is an integral part of your general athleticism and for certain sports it is a defining part such as basketball, volleyball and many track and field events. Increasing vertical leap can seem frustrating for many as you continually try to improve vertical height in your jumps but get little benefit from whatever jumping programs and exercises you are applying to do this and many fail because they confuse what is really needed to jump higher.

There are two basic components in training your muscles to improve vertical leaping and those are strength and power. Some people cannot see the difference between these two concepts but they are separate entities in sports terminology.

Strength is a measure of how much maximum force you can bring. This is often measured by how much you can lift as the heaviest weight you can lift in a particular exercise if your basics strength limit. This is obviously extremely important when jumping because you must have strong legs and a strong core to be able to lift your entire bulk off the ground and into the air against the pull of gravity.

Power on the other hand is a measure of how quickly you can bring this strength to an action. You can spend as long as you want lifting a heavy weight and this might denote huge strength and endurance but without an explosive power you cannot do this quickly. Imagine trying to jump in slow motion, you will not jump very high when doing this because you do not bring the total of your strength at the point you leave the ground wasting a massive amount of potential because your muscles are not trained to do this.

The first step to increasing your vertical leap therefore is to increase both your strength and your power. Now obviously you must build your strength first so that you have more potential to apply your power too but both should be trained at the same time for best results for increasing vertical leap!

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