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The Ultimate Thigh Toning Exercises For Slim Thighs and Tight Butt

Matt Taylor

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I'm going to start right off and say that you DON'T need any stinkin’ thigh exercise machines that you see on the late night info-commercials. You can OUTPERFORM any other thigh toning exercises with the thigh workout that I am going to reveal to you in this article.

And this is what is going to happen when you do my Ultimate Thigh Toning Exercises regularly. . . you are going to have slimmer thighs as well as a firm and tight butt.

And I take no responsibility when your guy whistles as you walk by in the bedroom. . .

And truth be told. . . the BEST thigh exercises are done with free weights or even just body weight workouts. No kiddin'! You don't need to pay tons of money to join a gym. You can actually do the ultimate thigh toning exercises right in the privacy of your home!

And to the dismay of the gym owners and supplement manufacturers. . . taking my suggestions for thigh exercises is going to make them poorer. Too bad!

And there are a lot of exercises that you can do such as squats, lunges, step ups and dead lifts to get those slim thighs and tight butt that you want. These are the basics but you can add a lot of variety to those. . . but my point is that you don't need any of those thigh machines or inner thigh thing-ma-jigs to get an awesome workout.

But my favorite by far and the most effective of all the various workouts is the “walking lunges. " This workout is going to kick your butt! You might even be sore for a couple of days. . . so I'm warning you now in case you haven't done any exercises for a while. . .

Here is how you are going to do it: Instead of doing those standing lunges in which you would step forward and then step backwards. . . you are going to need a little room. You will take a lunge forward. . . and then keep moving forward until you get to the end of the room. Then turn back and keep going. Now you can add a little “challenge" by increasing your distance each time you workout. Or. . . you can start carrying dumbbells.

If you use the right form while doing these walking lunges. . . you are going to BURN YOUR THIGHS!

I want to bring up a couple of things to keep in mind while doing the walking lunges:

one) when you step forward, your front shin should be vertical and your front thigh should be horizontal to the floor. Doing this will keep you from over extending yourself and possibly injuring your knees.

two) your trailing leg should bend and the knee should almost touch the ground. But don't touch the ground with your knee!

three) go slow and pause for about a second before making the next lunge.

In short, keep your back straight, take a moderate step, lower your body until your trailing knee “almost" touches the ground. . . wait one second and then move forward again.

That's it! You now know the walking lunge - so do it NOW before you procrastinate. . .

I'll wait until you are back. . .

Well? Can you feel the burning in your thighs? Is your heart pumping? Awesome! Keep it up and sooner than later. . . you are going to have some kick butt booties that your guy can't keep his hands off of. . .

Now let's quickly cover some variations in case you are in better shape or you got in better shape to make the walking lunge more challenging for you. . .

One variation that will work out your inner thighs is to step outward as you lunge instead of a straight line. . . your trailing knee is still pointing straight and then like before, lower your body until the trailing knee almost touches the floor, wait a second and then more forward again. Another variation is stepping slightly inward as you lunge.

As the immortal John Belushi said in the movie, The Animal House. . . “Let's do it!" You are so on your way to getting slimmer thighs and a butt that would crack a walnut!

You will never be confused about effective fat loss again. Get rid of that orange peel thighs. Wave goodbye to those cottage cheese arms. . .

Once and for all, fit back into your old “thin" clothes. . . AND spend more time with the family because you are not wasting it on useless, long and boring cardio exercises. . .

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The Very Best Exercises For Thighs - How to Get Sexy Thighs Fast!
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