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Health Club, Outdoor Or Home Workout Which Type of Workout is Best?

Mark J Rogers

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Typically this question would sound something like, “Where is the best place to workout?" The answer is, wherever you'll actually do the workout on a regular basis. And usually this means wherever it's most convenient. Some people enjoy going to the gym in order to escape from their normal environment and focus on working out without all of the normal distractions. Others would rather do it at home where they have privacy, don't have to travel anywhere and won't feel self-conscious. Still others enjoy being outside while doing their workouts and may have rather nice locations (parks, trails etc. ) nearby to do so. Obviously there are plusses and minuses for each. Lets go through a few of them.

Health Club/Gym

-huge variety of equipment available
-allows you to escape workout distractions
-offers instructors, and classes, something for everyone
-may be crowded at certain times
-can be pricey
-may be confused by huge number of workout options


-privacy, don't have to deal with strangers around atching
-more time options since you don't have to go anywhere
-more comfort for those who may be out of shape
-not as much equipment variety, cost of buying equipment
-distractions like family, phone other tasks
-motivational environment lacking, instruction not readily available


-get fresh air and sunlight which is good for your health
-more enjoyable especially with aerobic exercise
-you can do things you can't do indoors
-weather can be a limitation in some locations
-if you want to use equipment you have to pack and unpack
-safety or other location/time factors may impact

The bottom line is you can get a great workout in any of these settings, it's just a matter of doing the right exercises and working hard. A little variety never hurt anyone so try doing some of your workouts outside, some inside, and if you have a gym membership do some there. One big advantage of a gym is you have a lot more variety especially for a beginner and/or someone who is extremely advanced. At the same time, if you use your creativity you can do some pretty fun and intense workouts at home. Plus at home it's easier to try new things since you have no one around looking at you in a weird way or asking questions about what it is you are doing. Now when it comes to being outdoors you get a much more realistic workout particularly with the aerobic exercise. Walking or running, riding a real bike or hiking is much more beneficial and fun when done outdoors, especially with a friend. Find your personal preferences and you can make any setting work for you.

About the author: Mark Rogers is a fitness consultant who works with clients in their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and with clients across the world online. He has been involved in fitness for over 15 years and has a diverse variety of experience training clients of all ages and levels in both health clubs and private homes. He can be contacted through his website


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