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Exercises to Reduce Stomach Fat Fast

Jennifer Jolan

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If you're sick of going to the gym and want some exercises to reduce stomach fat fast, then you're going to love this article. I'm going to share with you 3 secret exercises I use with my clients to flatten their bellies within weeks.

Nothing is hard. . . I promise that if you read this article and try out the exercises, you'll be hooked and love them. They're actually pretty fun.

Exercises to Reduce Stomach Fat Fast

1. Hula hoop

This exercise really brings some nice feminine curves and lines to the whole waist and hips area. If you want to picture the visual effects of hula hooping, picture a belly dancer's body. It's curvy, soft, and very feminine.

The hula hoop will bring that out in your body as well. Just hula hoop for 10 minutes a day. All at once or 1-2 minutes here and there.

Buy a bigger hula hoop that's weighted. That makes it a lot easier to do.

2. Jump on a mini-trampoline

Look, I'm sure you're just as busy as I am and you have problems scheduling big chunks of time to dedicate to working out. Well, the mini-trampoline solves that problem ONCE AND FOR ALL.

What I want you to do is just jump on it for 1 or 2 minutes at a time. My secret to getting 30-40 minutes of mini-trampoline jumping done each day is to do these during commercials.

1 hour of tv programming has about 21 or so minutes of commercials. Watch 2 hours of tv, there's your 40 minute workout without having to set aside time to workout.

Heck, a nice bonus if you have little kids. . . THEY LOVE THE THING.

3. Do Hindu Squats to melt fat off your body

Hindu squats are a form of squatting that doesn't involve weights. These are great to do at home. Warning, if you do these as I outline, expect to sweat. If you want fat to melt off your body, just accept that the 5 minute of doing these will kinda suck.

All you do. . . squat. . . up and down. . . FAST. To start with, I want you to test yourself by trying to do 50 in LESS THAN 3 minutes. If you can do that, then graduate up to doing 100 repetitions in under 5 minutes.

It's hard and tiring, but it's also invigorating and very rewarding. Your body fat considers HINDU SQUATS it's sworn enemy.

These 3 exercises to reduce stomach fat fast are the way to go if you're sick and tired of looking at your belly.

Listen, if you read this article, you're probably unhappy with how your body looks. Don't just read these 3 exercises to reduce stomach fat fast and then STOP and do nothing. You've come too far to not CROSS the finish line.

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Jennifer Jolan


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How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist Fast Using 3 Exercises To Reduce Waist Size
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