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The Ten Commandments of Health Club Etiquette


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1. Thou Shalt Not Grunt

Thy load is great, and thy strength is mighty. We stand in awe at the amount of weight thou art lifting, and we are duly impressed. He that lifteth the load in silence is truly the strong man, for he troubleth not his neighbor with his noise.

2. Thou Shalt Wipeth Benches of Thy Sweat

Lo, there is nothing worse than when thou sitteth on a bench or machine and find that someone hath bequeathed unto thee a moist present. Keep thy sweat unto thee.

3. Thou Shalt Re-Racketh Thy Weights

Put back the dumbbells from whence they came. Taketh the plates off thy bar an re-rack them, for your gym-mates are not thy keeper.

4. Remember Thou: Wipeth Thy Feet

Cursed be the member who tracketh mud on the workout floor, for it is unsightly and dangerous.

5. Takest Thou Thy Calls Elsewhere

If thy cell phone call is important enough to interrupt thy workout, dost not mean it is important enough to interrupt the workout of thy neighbor.

6. Watch Thy Language

Words that wouldst offendeth thy mother would so offendeth thy fellow gym member. Refrainest thou, therefore from four-letter abominations.

7. Thou Shalt be Courteous at All Times

Remember to treateth thy neighbor as thou wouldst have thy neighbor treateth thee.

8. Thou Shalt Use The Trash Cans

Paper towels and other litter haveth a home in the trash receptacles, and not on the floor.

9. We Aim to Please. Would That Thou Shalt Also Aim Well

Any man who misseth the urinal shall commit an offence before the owners and his fellow gym members.

10. Thou Shalt Have Fun

Remember thou, that working out is good for thy body mind and soul. Rejoice and be glad!

Pete Bellisano is a certified personal trainer and owner of Peak Performance Fitness in Berkeley Heights NJ. Peak clients are achieving outstanding results losing weight and improving overall fitness, through our unique approach to Fitness For Real People. Visit our site to see what our clients have to say about their success, and to pick up your free fitness info.


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