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Fastest Way to a Flat Stomach

Peter Craske

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If, like many people, you work for a living five days a week, sometimes the fastest way to a flat stomach can be exercising while you are at work. Believe it or not, there are some very simple exercises that you can do to keep in shape and get a flat stomach whilst you are sitting at your desk.

(1) Leg lifts

To break the boredom of eight hours in the office, try some leg lifts as a form of exercise. To prepare for this exercise you will need to push away from the desk slightly to give yourself some room. Next, sit back in your chair and grasp hold on the chair handle. To begin the exercise, bring both of your legs together and then raise them until they reach your waist. Hold for a few moments and then release. Repeat the exercise as often as you can. For your information this routine is particularly good for your transverses abdominal muscles.

(2) Lunchtime

Whatever you do, make sure you leave your desk at lunchtime and get out for a walk. This is essential if you want to get some of that stomach fat off! Avoid the temptation to buy cheese sandwiches or a hamburger for lunch. Instead, make your own lunch up from the local supermarket building plenty of variety into your meals. Try to incorporate lots of salad, fresh fruit, fish and vegetables as well as meat into your diet.

(3) Don't forget the stairs

Walking quickly up and down stairs at work can help you loose pounds in stomach fat, helping you trim up in this area. Avoid the lifts at work and make the most of any opportunity to get in this extra form of stomach exercise when you can!

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