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Top 6 Cardio Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For The Summer


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You realize cardio is crucial for losing the belly fat and of course general weight loss over the entire body, but which cardio exercises are best and how much do you truly need to do for slimming down?

The reality is, there actually is no number 1 cardio exercise. The most beneficial activity is the one you will do regularly. Therefore, finding out something you like is vital to accomplishing your weight loss dreams. That said, some workouts offer more intensity than others.

Impact activities: Exercises that require some impact, such as walking, will typically boost your pulse rate faster than no-impact activities such as swimming or cycling.

High impact activities: High impact, or workouts that involve running or jumping, will frequently burn off more calories than lower impact things such as walking.

Whole body activities: When you involve both the upper and lower body, as in cross-country skiing, it is a great deal easier to get the pulse rate up and burn off more calories.

That does not mean you shouldn't bother with low impact workout. Both types of activities offer opportunities to burn up calories and performing both gives you a comprehensive program. To get an idea of exactly how much cardio can do for you, look into the following list of most common exercises. Below is the amount of calories burned for a 150-pound person in half-hour:

* Step aerobics: 340 calories

* Stationary bike: 238 calories

* Swimming: 270 calories

* Walking 4 mph: 170 calories

* Running 5 mph: 270 calories

* Mowing the lawn with a push mower: 200 calories

As you can see, everything from walking to cutting the grass can burn off a substantial amount of calories, which is one reason cardio is so crucial for slimming down. Particularly if you're struggling to lose belly fat, as the more lean you are, the better chance you will have of dropping the extra pounds of flab from the stomach area and seeing a nice six pack show through after a little time.

You need to have a well balanced, concentrated diet along with a proven abs training program to see the best results in the quickest possible time.

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Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat
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