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Secret to Getting the Sexiest Butt and Flattest Abdominals at the Gym!


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Most people are not aware of the power of some of the most common exercises and diet tricks, when it comes to firming up that butt and tightening up those abs. Did you know that one of the best tricks for firming your buttocks is doing a good squat routine? The secret is that you don't have to do squats with a barbell weight, or even with dumbbells. You can get a firm sexy butt just by using your own bodyweight.

Do you ever wonder how actors and actresses can get in shape so quickly for some of their movies? Look at Brad Pitt in Fight Club, or look at Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazard. Now she definitely must have done something special to get that butt and sexy stomach.

Well in order to wear short shorts, she didn't get some miracle pill and over night had that sexy butt in the morning. Now I know you can't afford to hire some expert trainer to wake you up every morning but you can probably afford a gym membership or access to a full body training program online. All of the actors and actresses who have sexy butts and tight abdominals have been on some type of full body fitness and nutrition program!

Jessica Simpson incorporated squats of every shape, size into her routine to get into shape for her role as Daisy Duke. Now this is only one person, and one muscle group. In order to do a full body make over you need to do more than just squats and exercise all day. You must combine both a nutritional and physical plan to get a sexy butt and the flattest abdominals!

The squat is one of the most effective exercises that can be done anywhere, at home, in your motel, at the gym, or anywhere.

Here is what you do:

- Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart

- Keep your upper body straight as you squat.

- Go down and lower your butt. As your body goes down soon your knees are in front of you and your thighs are level with the floor. Your arms dropped straight down, unless you have weight on your shoulders.

- Now stand up again. Push off the balls of your feet and straighten your legs. Repeat this in one smooth motion over and over till it burns.

This sounds so simple and easy that many people fail to see the benefit. Until you actually do it, you will not realize that it is a tough workout. It increases your cardio, and tones your butt, thighs, calves and stomach!

Of course we would all like to be able to hire someone to make our meals and drag us to the gym every day but realistically that is not going to happen for most of us, so we need to find secrets to make it easy.

There are so many secrets that you can use to get a sexy body. They are easily found online but you have to know which one's are going to work and which one's are not going to work. If you find a program that does not include both a nutritional and physical component , do not buy it!

You should make sure when you buy a program online that the person who has created this program is a personal trainer themselves, and that they are in fact in shape!

Check below for some more great secrets on how to go get a sexy butt and the flattest abdominals!

Click here to check out a well known fitness program and claim your own Free E-book for More Secrets on How to Get the Sexiest Butt and Flattest Abdominals!


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