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TT Bodyweight 500 Workout Vs The Spartan 300 Movie Workout - What's the Difference?


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If you ever saw the movie 300 (if you didn't than I recommend that you do because it has fabulous special effects), you must have been awed by the kind of muscular bodies the actors who played the spartan warriors had. I mean rock hard abs, massive shoulders and pecs, everything toned and tight. Many people thought that this was just another special effect, but it wasn't. The bodies of the spartan warriors were the result of a special workout which all these actors did in preparation for the movie called the spartan 300.

What the spartan 300 movie exercise session basically consists of are 300 repetitions of various strength exercises which have to be performed continuously without any pause. This is a massively intensive workout which leaves anyone who does it gasping and sweating like crazy.

The only problem with the spartan 300 workout is that it involves equipment like Kettleballs which most gyms don't carry. This puts the 300 workout out of the reach of most gym goers, not to mention people who train at home.

To deal with this problem, a trainer called Craig Ballantyne invented a new exercise session called the TT Bodyweight 500 workout. In this exercise session you need to do 500 reps of various strength exercises which work against your bodyweight alone. This means that you can do this workout at the gym and at home. One thing you need to know is that this exercise session, despite being very short in duration is also very intensive. It will get your heart pumping, your skin sweating, and your muscle straining. For busy people who wish to lose a lot of fat fast and to develop lean muscle tissue, the TT bodyweight 500 workout is an excellent and time efficient workout.

The TT bodyweight 500 workout is part of Craig Ballantyne's complete fitness and diet program.

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Bodyweight 500 workout review .

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