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Six Exercise Tips For Avoiding Injury And Creating Better Balance


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Exercise is vital for a long and healthy life, but, believe it or not there are a lot of wrong ways to exercise which can actually do you more harm than good. One of the mistakes people commonly make is training with a group (whether he or she is involved in running, aerobics, yoga, or whatever) that moves too fast or takes him or her too quickly to an advanced exercise level. Certain cardiovascular exercises are not things you should jump right in to. You need conditioning.

So first: exercise is vital, but build up to your goals! In other words: don't push too hard. If you are starting something, you want to start slow and assess how quickly to move. As a matter of fact, pushing perhaps not too hard but too much (i. e. too consistently) can be very dangerous. So, secondly, don't do too much. One does not want to overdo it too soon; high-endurance and/or frequent exercise are both things for which one must prepare his or her body.

Thirdly, you should always watch out for tight gastronmenious or tibilas anterior muscles. Your muscles surrounding your tibia may be trying to compensate for an injury. The tibia is your “shin" - one of the two large bones of your lower leg. The tibia and, secondly, the fibula are the leg bones that will be most likely be effected by high impact exercises especially. Certain pain in your legs can be a sign of harmful injury to the tibia. Injury to the tibia can cause you to fall back in your exercising or other strenuous activity - perhaps even permanently.

Fourth, if you are working out (and especially if you are running) on uneven or hard surfaces, you increase your risk of injury substantially. This is often referred to as a high-impact workout, meaning that the impact to your body, most often your joints, is greater. However, you can workout with a lower risk of injury quite simply. There are many exercise programs designed to be lower impact, yet they are just as high endurance as higher impact forms of exercise. As a quick example: a treadmill is much more high-impact than any number of elliptical exercise machines, yet the same muscle groups are used and the same amount of energy is spent at about the same endurance level. Like treadmills, elliptical exercise equipment is often adjustable as far as speed and incline and overall difficulty is concerned. You can push yourself, or just get yourself moving a bit.

If you use your at-home treadmill or the machine at the gym just to get moving, walk fast, and especially if you have good exercise shoes, you don't need to be as concerned about the damage you may be doing to your legs. Walking, hiking and some mild jogging are low-impact ways to stay in shape - even if you are working on a very hard surface treadmill or pavement. Running or doing higher impact aerobics on these same surfaces, however, can be very problematic without taking the proper precautions.

The fifth thing to remember is to have the right pair of shoes. Now, if your favorite form of exercise is yoga or modern dance, you will not need shoes. In virtually every other type of sport and/or form of exercise, you will need specific shoes, plenty of shoes, good shoes. Using the same pair of worn out shoes, or only having one pair of shoes is not a great idea; it is better to rotate your shoes, especially running shoes, between two or three different pairs. You do not want the wrong amount of arch support. Find a good, comfortable balance. You do not want to wear flat foot shoes or sneakers with too high of an arch. Be sure your shoes fit well, some will stretch and some will want. What you really do not want is for your shoes to be too small. You can find inexpensive footwear, but often inexpensive shoes can be a curse - you really have to know what kind of high quality to look for in sports shoes. You can seek professional advice if you are concerned about what to buy. Ask your doctor or an athletic specialist what kind of shoes will be best for your exercise and / or sports needs.

The sixth tip is the reevaluation of one's physical condition. Mind your physical condition. Pay attention to your body especially if there is significant pain or even an unusual pain. When people are younger, or when they are competitive in sports, it is very common to work up to what is often called “hell-week. " It is during hell-week that people train and/or practice more intensely, really pushing their own limits. Nonetheless, training too excessively or too intensely in any same given week can really damage your body if you are not careful. Especially if you have poor body mechanics such as muscle strength imbalance and muscle inflexibility - you may not be able to take as much of a pounding as you once did. Exercise is vital for a long and healthy life, but you want to be sure that you know exactly what you are doing, and choose your exercise program with care.


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