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Burn Stomach Fat - 3 Little Known Secrets To Get Rid Of Belly Fat


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You follow the traditional training methods that the fitness trainers recommend you to follow if you want to burn stomach fat or if you just want to get in shape.

And what is that traditional routine? Long hours of slow boring cardio! When the body gets adapted to a 45 minute cardio workout, you got to shift to one hour cardio. And that just really sucks!

You do cardio for more than a month, and the result you see? Half an inch gone from your belly. Just half a freaking inch!

That isn’t going to happen to you because you are reading this article that is going to open your eyes to a whole new pathway to fat loss. These are three secret techniques used by body builders and super models to get in shape whenever they want.

Secret to Burn Stomach Fat #1
High protein meals 6-8 times a day. Have a palm sized lean protein like chicken breast 6 times a day accompanied by some vegetables and fruits. Don’t doubt but just go for it.

Secret to Burn Stomach Fat #2
If you seriously want to get rid of belly fat real fast, you need to get some High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is the Ferarri version of cardio. It takes only 20 minutes a day max and you will burn more stomach fat than you would with a 2 hour cardio workout.

The reason is that although it doesn’t burn 300 to 400 calories immediately during the workout, it burns 600 to 800 calories during the entire day even while you sleep.

Secret to Burn Stomach Fat #3
Multi joint strength training is where every single strength exercise you do will target multiple parts of the body.

Example: Pushups - Back, Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Abs, Shoulders

Now add the slow tempo to it; 3 seconds to lift up, 3 controlled seconds to push down. This will increase the tension in your muscles requiring more energy, thus begging that fat be burned for energy.

Do you realize how easy it is to burn stomach fat? Now combine all three fat loss techniques together.

Nutritious Diet + Interval Training + MJ Strength Training = Super Fast Fat Plan to Get Rid of Belly Fat.

Now all you need to do is just start working out. Now what are you waiting for? Don’t you have a mission to burn your stomach fat like a blow torch?

Go ahead and take action!

Did you know that supersets will blow off your body fat like dust? If you are really serious about getting rid of belly fat click the link below to get a more advance workout plan.

Get Rid of Belly Fat



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