Relieving Arthritis With Exercise


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If you think that only old people are prone to arthritis, you are mistaken. The disease is commonly characterized by joint pain, swellings, and inflammation. It can also be experienced by the young in varying degrees of pain. The only difference is, the old are affected worse because of slow regenerative traits that come with aging. But, whatever age you are, arthritis is a debilitating disease that lessens your enjoyment and the quality of your life. Don't let joint pain stop you. There are exercises that can alleviate arthritic pain and prevent future attacks.

Research shows that exercise is beneficial to arthritic patients. Exercise lessens stiffness and joint pain while effectively increasing muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, and cardiac fitness. Fat around the joints contribute to arthritic pain, and exercise also alleviates this since exercise reduces fat in the body. True, arthritis reduces mobility and limits the affected person's activities. But exercise is a perfect foil to compensate for little activity. In fact, exercise is introduced as an aspect of intensive treatment method for joint pain. The other aspects of the treatment are relaxation, rest, diet, and medication. An essential part of this treatment that has great bearing on exercise is motion efficiency - the patients are instructed about energy and motion conservation. Excessive movement often trigger arthritic attack and by making movement efficient, patients are trained not to waste movement, but to make every motion count.

Believe it or not, dance is a part of the treatment. Arthritis affects joint by making them inflamed and stiff. Dance, with its variety of movements, increases and maintains flexibility. Gymnastics, yoga, and pilates are also recommended alternative exercises. Like dance, these also maintain flexibility with the added bonus of toning the body. Generally, exercises, which increase muscle coordination and flexibility, are part of arthritic exercise plan.

To lessen pain during arthritic attacks, strong muscles are necessary. They provide cushion for the inflamed joint and relieve joint stress. Muscle building and strengthening exercises, like weight training or resistance training, increase muscle strength. Pilates is also a good substitute if resistance training is too hard on the patient. The only difference between pilates and lifting weights is the type of weight lifted. The former uses the body as its weights while the former uses metal bars. Either way, the patient benefits from having strong muscles. Arthritis rarely develops in people with strong muscles.

Endurance exercises like swimming, jogging, or cycling are also part of the arthritis treatment. These exercises lessen pressure on the joints by taking out the extra weight. Weight control is important to ease stress and pressure on the joints. Cardiovascular functions and the body's overall function are also improved. Studies reveal that aerobic and endurance exercises lessen joint inflammation.

Arthritic people should ask their doctors about exercise options. You might be surprised but doctors actually recommend exercise in arthritis therapy. It is important to consult your doctor first before taking any exercise or sport. Exercise is good, but if done incorrectly, you may end up with an even worse arthritis attack.

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