Supporting A Broken Arm Or Wrist By An Ergonomic Sling

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What is a fracture?

When a bone is broken or cracked, the injury is known as a fracture. This condition needs to be managed carefully and by an expert doctor.

Reasons behind a broken wrist or arm:

A fractured arm or wrist is often occurred from any accidental fall. This type of broken arm injury requires help from medical professionals who are experts in knowing how to set the bone properly. However, most of the times we fail to understand whether it’s a fracture or just a sprain. No matter what the situation is, you are requested to seek medical help as soon as you can.

How long does it take to heal a broken wrist or arm?

It varies depending on the severity of your injury. However in case of adults, it generally takes 6-8 weeks to heal, and as for children, it takes considerably lesser time than adults.


  • Tenderness or swelling in and around the injured area.
  • In case the tissue and skin has been damaged by the bone, bleeding may occur.
  • Your hand motion will be limited.

You have to keep in mind that these symptoms may even be seen in case of sprain. So, it is better to go for an X-ray to get things confirmed. But in case of clean bone breaking, you might have heard a crushing or grinding sound during the accident.

What to do before seeking medical help?

Here are some of the tips which you can follow before reaching the hospital:

  • If the fractured bone has come out by piercing your skin, then immediately try to cover the wound with a sterile, large bandage, or use a clean cloth to wrap it up like a bandage. Do not try to do anything to the broken bone, like trying to push it back in its place, etc. It will only worsen the situation. It is best to leave that on to the medical professionals.
  • You can even go for applying ice pack on the affected area to reduce the numbness and swelling. Fill ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it with a soft towel. Or if you do not have ice at home, you can go for chilled water or frozen fruits and veggies.
  • While you reach out for medical help, it is important to make a simple splint for the time being. You can wrap a newspaper or towel and use cloth strips for securing the splint ends. Once done, you can make a sling by using a large cloth piece for holding your wrist against your chest.


The treatment depends on the severity of the injury. Sometimes the injuries are so severe that doctors are left with no option but to go for surgery in order to fix the broken bones. In case of simple fracture, doctors give painkillers to reduce the unbearable pain. Then a splint is fixed to the arm for securing its position and preventing it from further damage. Sometimes plasters are applied to hold the broken ends of the bone. These days, doctors refer sling support for arm to hold it close to your chest.

There are various brands out there in the market, but it varies in price and quality. And an ergonomic arm sling will be your best option to try out as it specially designed to provide you with the right support. It also comes in affordable prices. The Argo am sling air is designed by keeping the comfort of the user in mind. It helps in healing in a comfortable way. The slings are very light in weight and are breathable. The strap comes with neoprene padding for shock absorption. It has even got a length adjuster which the user can adjust himself. It also comes with built-in loops for thumb support. Add to that it can be even worn on both the arms.


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