The 5 Panel Drug Test Kit

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Due to the unprecedented increase on drug about at workplaces, most employers and mangers have found in necessary to keep on finding out about the physical and mental condition of their employees. This is actually what gave birth the famous 5 panel drug test program; by using only one sample, an employer is able to easily detect the presence of different kinds of drugs that could have been taken by an employee. This makes it one of the kits available for doing cheap drug tests; it is also the drug test kit o choice during accidents in the work place.

The best thing about the 5 panel drug test kit is that it easy to use and can be used at home; it is considered one of the leading drug test kits especially since it can detect more than one drug at a time. Using the 5 panel drug test kit is not as complicated as most people would want to imagine; the procedure is similar to what happens during other kinds of drug test with the main difference being that you will be able to get multiple results using that single sample. The samples that are collected from the person can be hair, urine, sweat but sometimes even blood can be collected before they are taken to the laboratory for the necessary tests to detect the presence or absence of any of the drugs of abuse.

Whereas for other kinds of workplace drug testing kits you may be able to get the results instantly, in this case the samples have to be sent to the laboratory for analysis which means that it will be a few days before you can get the results. However, no matter what method you use, you can be assured that the results are going to be accurate. If the 5 panel drug test is taken has been done as a result of an accident, usually the sample will be retrieved immediately after the accident and at the accident scene.

Some of the drugs that can easily be detected with the 5 panel drug test kit include cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates and phencyclidine. This drug test kit has continued to gain popularity among employers especially because of its ability to cut on the time and costs associated with trying to do multi-drug tests by needing only one sample. The law enforcement officers will also use the same 5 panel drug test kit at the time of an accident whenever they suspect that the victim may have been under the influence of drugs; these days there are home 5 panel drug test kits available for parents who suspect that their kids are up to no good as far as illicit drugs are concerned.

If as an employer you are in the market for cheap drug test kits, you should consider the 5 panel drug test kit on account of its cost effectiveness as it detects many drugs at the same time. While other drug test kits will only detect drugs that will have been taken no longer than 48 hours ago, the 5 panel drug test kit will detect drugs taken about a week ago.


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