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The Little Known Allergic Reaction To Sperm

Lynnette Thomas

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win a resort -allergicIn a weird, little recognized experience some men reveal flu-like symptoms immediately following an organism, because they are believed to be allergic to their own sperm. Some scientists believe this happens only after a vasectomy, when the sperm comes into contact with the man's blood.

Many experts believe that the majority of men who suffer the post- *** tion sickness refuse to discuss it with their doctor because of embarrassment. The condition is known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome, or POIS. Though it's been on scientists’ must-look-into-list for approximately 10 years, it's not widely understood by patients or the medical profession.

Although the cause is still unknown to scientists, a minority of females also develop sperm antibody reactions. Some describe this as seminal plasma hypersensitivity and believe the woman has an allergic reaction to proteins in their partner's semen.

It is thought that around 20-40,000 females in America are allergic to their partner's semen.

Dr Andrew Goldstein, of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, said, “The body recognizes semen as a foreign protein just as it would recognize a peanut allergy or pollen, so you have swelling, you have itching, you have inflammation of the nerve endings. "

A professor of *** psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Marcel Waldinger and his team evaluated forty-five males from Holland, who had been detected with POIS.

33 of the men were willing to participate in a standard skin-prick allergy test using a diluted solution of their own semen. Of those, 88 percent experienced a positive skin reaction, displaying an auto-immune response, or allergic reaction. Sperm allergy however, is not a common condition and is frequently misdiagnosed.

Waldinger also discovered a treatment for POIS, known as hyposensitisation, which basically desensitizes the beneficiary of the treatment. The men received skin injections of their own sperm -highly diluted to begin with and then eventually increased. After one to three years the symptoms almost disappeared.

Signs of POIS include runny nose, fever, burning eyes and extreme fatigue. They occur immediately following a climax and can continue for up to seven days. An allergic woman may develop swollen eyes, hives, diarrhea and even breathing difficulties, Dr David Resnick, director of allergy at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia, says.


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