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Psychologist Brisbane – What Should You Do To Cope With Life Transitions?

Faisal Farrukh

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Transitions in life are marked with the feeling of self discovery. This is because such transitions force someone to leave the familiar past and plunge into an uncertain future. Transitions are thus places to pause, reflect and chart the way forward. Examples of life transitions include:

  • - Marriage
  • - Starting a career
  • - Moving from one job to another
  • - Leaving home for college
  • - Embarking on a relationship
  • - Going into self-employment
  • - Retiring
  • - Getting a divorce
  • - Relocating to a new city
  • - Diagnosis of a terminal illness
  • - Going into bankruptcy
  • - Recovering from a fatal accident
  • - Losing a loved one
  • - The breaking up of a long standing relationship
  • - Selling a house
  • - Recovering from a traumatic experience

Regardless of the type of transition, whether positive or negative, expected or unexpected, you have to realize that the impact is very much the same. The change can lead to personal crisis and an extended period of disorientation.

Life transitions offer someone the chance to assess the direction in which their life is taking. They offer the chance to pause, take a critical look at life and with the new revelations obtained proceed to chart the direction of ones life. The inability to do this can be very detrimental to the success in the new chapter of life. Here are some of the skills tat can be vital in dealing with transitions.

i. The first thing is to accept that the transition is an integral of part of the experience that is life. This will help you come to terms much more easily regardless of whether the change is negative or positive. Viewing transition as negative is the biggest cause in the failure to recover to normal living.

ii. Evaluate your core values and life goals. Look into your self and identify what you want to stand for and what you would want to achieve with your life. This will help you to see the transition as just another of life’s numerous challenges. This will allow y to determine which actions will be most beneficial to you and which will be detrimental to the progress towards achieving your goals.

iii. Identify and express your feelings. Trying to bury emotions such as those of fear and anxiety will prevent you from dealing with them. The sooner you acknowledge them the sooner you will be over the emotions. You can even write down the emotions and then talk about them with someone you trust.

iv. Focus on what you have learnt from the experience. Look back at other transitions in your life and look at how you dealt with them. Identify where you went wrong and aim to overcome these errors in the current transition.

For a more detailed approach to dealing with transitions, endeavor to look for professional assistance from psychologist Brisbane . The experts are bound to help you deal with any difficult life transition.


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