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Covert Hypnosis


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What is Hypnosis?

I attended the Ohio State Fair one late summer day and in the pavilion on the midway was a hypnotist show. I said, oh goody, let’s watch! This lady was great in a short time she had people doing things that looked almost embarrassing and I was a fan, how does this hypnosis thing work anyway. Let’s take a look at what is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of inner concentration and focused attention. It is a state of mind where the electrical activity of the brain is somewhere in the low reduced range of (8-13 Hz).

A brain will function in four different states, which will be determined by the electrical exchange of chemicals within the neural pathways.

Here are your four states of the human brain:• Completely Conscious State• The Hypnotic State• Dream State• Sleep State

When fully conscious your brain wave electrical activity is (14-35 Hz) and the lowest in the sleep state is (5-3 Hz).

How does this hypnosis work?

We spend most of our alert state fully conscious. In this state, our mind is alert and we use logic to reason, to evaluate, judge, assess and make decisions. In the hypnotic state, the mind is relaxed, yet still in a focused state of concentration.

While in this relaxed state the mind is easily subject to suggestions. When passing into the hypnotic state people feel relaxed as the brain goes from the beta state into the alpha state, just like when you are almost falling asleep.

With this brain wave activity, when in this hypnotic state, when the brain is entering the alpha state, individuals feel dreamy and pleasant. The mind becomes relaxed and is very open to ideas, and suggestions. The mind’s capacity to create rich sensory experience is increased immensely.

While in this hypnotic state the mind’s capacity to reason and logically evaluate is lowered and the person is more receptive to suggestions without being critical.

Unknowingly, we pass through this state on a daily basis, whenever we pass through the upper and the lower alpha range of the brain activity. Here, we go into hypnosis automatically.

This has the potential to alter the subject’s behavior in a {most positive and permanent way. Hypnosis is a effective tool that can be used by skilled practitioners, to change their patients physiological and neurological functions.

Hypnosis also helps in exploring and understanding the underlying causes of various psychological and physiological illneses. It is an effective tool used by professionals, to treat phobias and help individuals to deal with past traumas.

Hypnosis can be fun to learn as well as helpful to others and you can learn these techniques yourself, with a little practice.

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Covert Hypnosis


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