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Articles about or concerning Healing and Personal Transformations, Techniques to Restore Your Personal Being, Liberating Yourself From Everyday Stresses, Life Transformations, Emotional Healing, and Surviving Trauma.
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Brisbane Psychologist - How Would You Know You Are Getting Into The Life Transition Stages?

 Faisal Farrukh (May 02, 2012)  Life transitions can be considered to be periods of discontinuity in the flow of life. They tend to exhibit identifiable beginnings, lead to various turning points and eventually cease to be transitions. The transition follows a series of stages, from the point of beginning to the final resolution. Below is a list of these stages: 1) The first stage involves experiencing a range of .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Psychologist Brisbane – What Should You Do To Cope With Life Transitions?

 Faisal Farrukh (May 02, 2012)  Transitions in life are marked with the feeling of self discovery. This is because such transitions force someone to leave the familiar past and plunge into an uncertain future. Transitions are thus places to pause, reflect and chart the way forward. Examples of life transitions include: - Marriage - Starting a career - Moving from one job to another - Leaving home for college - .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Psychologist In Brisbane - How Should You Face Your Life Transition?

 Faisal Farrukh (May 02, 2012)  Life transitions are periods when the normal flow of life comes to a sudden and sometimes dramatic change. These are points in life where you need to come up with new views, develop new opinions and strengthen your core beliefs in order to cope with the change. According to psychologist in Brisbane, life transitions are usually associated with a type of loss or another. For instance: .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Being familiar with Hormonal Imbalance

 Jessica Sheedy (March 21, 2012)  Many individuals experience hormonal imbalance without realising it. It is important to see a doctor and undertake either a blood or saliva hormone test to find out whether or not you have this disorder. It will help your medical professional build a more efficient and targeted treatment. It's easy to blame erratic actions on attitude problems. You can suggest genes, stress, and also .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What Can I Do To Get My Panic Away?

 Christopher Hass (November 21, 2010)  Any person who has been through an alarming or a panic state knows the feeling of being like in a doomed situation. It’s like you are between life and death. People who have the tendency to panic easily sometimes feel fear and paranoia although the situation is not so grave. When people get too paranoid, they often feel various symptoms including heavy perspiration and chest .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Your Emotions Cause Disease, How can You Control Emotions in Your Live?

 Lovel Rose (May 12, 2010)  Emotions are one of the most important part of human life and enrich our lives. Emotins are specifically feelings cause by change in physiological conditions relating to the autonomic and motor functions. Emotions are often impuls to act, their quality strongly affects the quality of what we do. They let you know how you feel about things - happy, angry, sad, excited, jealous. Emotions . (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Covert Hypnosis

 Marquis Van De Mark (February 06, 2010)  What is Hypnosis? I attended the Ohio State Fair one late summer day and in the pavilion on the midway was a hypnotist show. I said, oh goody, let’s watch! This lady was great in a short time she had people doing things that looked almost embarrassing and I was a fan, how does this hypnosis thing work anyway. Let’s take a look at what is hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Clear Your Brain Transform Your Life Process of Transformation Article 2

 Dr. Cynthia Miller (June 29, 2008)  Did you know that your brain is carrying around 500 million years of ancient debris? Can you imagine how much junk you would have in your computer if you did not clear out your emails, delete your old files and empty the trash? Our skull holds three brains, each built on top of the other serving different purposes and functions. The ancient reptilian brain, which is about 500 million .. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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