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Using a Remote Control with Your Hearing Aid


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Using a Remote Control with Your Hearing Aid

As the hearing aid becomes smaller and more advanced in terms of technology, the wireless remotes have been replacing the volume wheels and buttons that the hearing aids once had. Some of the aids provide you with the ability to be able to connect your Bluetooth device to the unit with a specialized remote control. This allows your hearing aid to serve as a cell phone or speaker for your computer with the push of a single button. Hearing aid remotes can prove extremely valuable once you have mastered how to use them, as well as when. How many people don't like being able to have another piece of technology to play with?

Simple Remote Controls

All of the manufacturers can offer you a simple remote control for your unit. However, not all of the different types will be compatible with a remote control. If your device comes equipped with wireless features, you will be able to get a remote control for it. The remote control provides you with a lot more hearing possibilities than that of the traditional aids from years ago with buttons and controls on the device.

When you choose aids that have wireless features built-in, you will be able to program it just like a computer. Any adjustments that you make will be stored onto the computer chip that is found within the hearing aid itself, as well as through your provider's computer system. The simple wireless remotes provide you with the option of making any necessary adjustments to the volume, tone and overall sound quality in the hearing aid itself.

A simple remote control will provide you with volumes for adjusting both ear buttons, changing the tone or overall pitch, program buttons to customize your hearing for later use, numbered buttons that allow you to recall anything you have programmed into the remote and an indicator to let you know when your battery life is getting low. Most of the simple remotes will have the same sets of features, although there may be a couple more added in there depending on the manufacturer.

Some of the remotes will come equipped with buttons for quiet, party, telephone and restaurant. Each one of the buttons allows you to be able to change the memory on the inside of your device to one of the programs that are pre-set for various listening situations. If you are having difficulty hearing at a restaurant or party, you can try pushing the button on your remote that relates to that specific environment to see if you are able to hear everything around you better. Once you have made the changes on your hearing aid remote, you need to wait a few minutes to allow your brain to adjust to the different settings. Slowly go through the options until you find the one that works for your specific situation. Every one of the settings on your remote can be adjusted by your provider, including the one that allows you to change your volume levels.

Always make sure that you have your remote control on you. If you have forgotten what you have programmed on your remote, you will need to make an appointment with your provider to discuss all of the features on your remote and hearing aid.

Remotes Capable of Bluetooth Technology

Some of the hearing aid remotes are equipped with Bluetooth technology. However, you will need to have the remote control to be able to access all of the Bluetooth features. You will need to sync the remote with a few of your favorite devices that are Bluetooth capable by designating a button for each one of your devices. Whenever you want to connect to one of the devices that you have programmed into your remote, simply press the button and the signal will make its way through the device and into your hearing aid all via your remote. You are only able to utilize one device at a time. If you have your cell phone linked to your hearing aid remote, you will be able to answer any phone calls through your hearing aid and hear everything crystal clear right through your unit.

Al Turri, Au.D. , founded Harmony Hearing Centers on July 1, 2009. As clinic director, Dr. Turri assesses and treats hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders. Born in Rochester, N. Y. , Dr. Turri moved to Miami, FL with his family at the age of 6. His interest in audiology and hearing therapy was planted at an early age, although indirectly, when the shy 8-year-old was referred to therapy for a speech problem. “Speech therapy cured me and I haven't stopped talking since, " Dr. Turri explained with a smile. For up-to-date hearing aid information visit Dr. Turri's blog.


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