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Curing allergy induced tinnitus


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More and more people nowadays are having tinnitus problems and the researchers all over the world that specializes in this condition are finding more causative factors which makes tinnitus one of the most common problem that mankind has to face today. The most common cause for tinnitus is a severe ear trauma caused by being exposed to loud sounds. The sound can be loud but brief such in the case of an explosion or continuous as in events when people are exposed to loud sounds when they work in factories or going to the club. Stress and anxiety is now also being recognized as a common cause for tinnitus and recently allergies and tinnitus is said to be intertwined as well.

There are two kinds of tinnitus known to the world nowadays. This first is subjective tinnitus and the second is objective tinnitus. A subjective tinnitus is diagnosed when there is no apparent sound source is found in spite of patient’s noise hearing in completely silenced surroundings. As opposed to the subjective tinnitus, an objective tinnitus is diagnose when a doctor or any qualified health practitioner alike detects and declares that he could also hear the noise that is being heard by the tinnitus patient. These sounds may be in form of crackling sounds or pulsating sounds that can be caused by the patients body without the consent or the patients themselves. Another method of determining that the patient has objective tinnitus is by diagnosing a pulsating motion in the surrounding ear structure of the patients that may have caused the sound that has been bothering the patient.

Being informed by the types of tinnitus and how it can be caused, you may wonder what the relation between allergies and tinnitus is. Allergies for one can be caused by food or air and reacts differently from person to person. The reaction itself differs as each person has different reaction given by their immune system. The reaction caused by the overreaction of our antibodies to the allergens could manifest as inflammation or vasoconstriction which in turn could affect your muscles or the way your blood being distributed in your body and thus may also cause objective tinnitus to manifest inside your ears. This in turn may worsen your tinnitus condition that you may already have and may render you unable to cope up with your normal daily activity as the disruption may be too great for some people to handle.

Food allergies can be treated with medications that suppress your allergic reaction to the allergens. In the case of allergies and tinnitus however it is more recommended that you avoid consuming the food that contains the allergens all together. The most common food that can cause allergic reaction to people that you should definitely avoid are mostly dairy products like milk or cheese and eggs and soy products. A lot of people are also allergic to seafood like shrimps or crabs and is strongly recommended to avoid those in order to reduce the risk of having objective tinnitus .


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