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Vertigo Inner Ear Problems


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Is dizziness affecting your life? Do you have trouble keeping your balance? These problems can make normal activities like walking hard. They can also make activities such as driving dangerous. You may worry that it's all in your head. But there is a reason why people feel dizzy. The feeling may come without warning. Maybe you turned over in bed and the room started spinning. After a bad episode, you might even fear you've had a stroke.

The source of your episodes depends on your symptoms.

Vertigo is the feeling of spinning. It may happen if the brain receives conflicting signals from eyes, inner ear and body.

Everyone knows that carnival rides can make you dizzy. But what causes dizziness and faintness when you're just standing still? Vertigo is often caused by inner ear problems.

Balance is a group effort of the eyes, inner ear, joints, and muscles. They each send signals to the brain about body position and head movement. Then the brain uses this information to achieve balance. When an inner ear problem exists, the brain may receive conflicting signals. This can cause vertigo.

Inside the inner ear are three semicircular canals. Each canal contains tiny hairs, crystals, and fluid. These structures help the canals sense up-and-down, forward and backward, and side-to-side motion. Nerves carry the signals from the canals to the brain.

Signals from throughout the body travel to the brain. Once the signals arrive, the brain decides what they mean. Sometimes signals arrive, the brain decides what they mean. Sometimes signals conflict. Have you ever sat on a stopped train and watched a moving train go by? When that happens, your eyes signal that you're moving. But your inner ear and body signal that you're still. The brain weighs conflicting data such as this and decides what is true. The result is balance.

There is benign positional vertigo , infection or inflammation and meniere's disease.


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