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Natural Tinnitus Remedies


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The incidence of hearing disorders among teenagers and young adults are on the rise. Unhealthy diets, lifestyle factors and of course repetitive exposure to loud music are the known precursors to ear damage, temporary or permanent loss of hearing and the ill-fated ringing in the ears or the condition called tinnitus. The article will provide an overview of tinnitus, particularly discussing its causes and the herbal remedies administered for this medical condition.

Tinnitus Definition

Tinnitus is an ear disorder characterized by the perception of sounds within the inner ear or the head, in the background of external sounds. What's bizarre about this ear disorder is that the patient may hear ‘invisible’ sounds of animals, ocean waves and sound notes or perhaps sense non-existent sounds.

Causes of Tinnitus

The disorder can be induced by physical trauma, ear infections, irritants, excessive ear wax and other neurological disorders. If a loud, ringing sound is sensed following exposure to extremely loud noises, immediate diagnosis of the condition becomes necessary. While medications and tinnitus maskers are typically prescribed, the holistic action of herbal remedies are now recognized as effective alternative treatments.

Tinnitus Natural Remedies

Tinnitus herbal remedies have been formulated to treat underlying disorders prompting the manifest of said condition while restoring unfailing ear health.

The efficacy and safety profile of herbs have been affirmed following ages of application in traditional medicine. In fact, herbalists successfully integrated alternative practices with pharmaceutical methods to produce a standardized herbal supplement for this Tinnitus. Among the herbs popularly utilized in tinnitus remedies include the following:

  • To assist in circulatory functions and neurotransmitter activity with the brain, Ginkgo Biloba operates as an excellent tonic. Ginkgo Biloba extracts, with its portfolio of systemic health benefits, have been used in herbal supplements to help restore the normal hearing process. Its antioxidant activity also reduces the likelihood of nervous system disorders. Furthermore, the herb contains bioactive compounds called ginkgolides that promote vascular efficiency.

  • Another herbal used as support tonic for tinnitus is Wild Hyssop. This herb reinforces the nervous system and regulates brain sensitivity to stimuli. It can also help soothe stress and anxiety levels in the brain. Rosemary is another herbal remedy containing bioactive compounds that collectively act as circulatory and nervous system stimulant. It also helps in the resolve of disorders triggering nervous system dysfunction.

  • Like Rosemary, the natural remedy Wild Oats also treats nervine dysfunction. It is a primary ingredient in nutritive supplements that enhance nervine functions and relieves the effects of physical trauma.

  • For an all natural remedy that promotes excellent ear health, there is the standardized herbal supplement TinnaRex Containing the therapeutic compounds of the discussed herbs, the natural remedy holistically treats ear disorders while restoring healthy auditory functions in sufferers.

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