What Is Bacterial Vaginosis and How To Get Rid of It

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One of the many diseases that can afflict women is that of bacterial vaginosis. This is a malady that effects many women, and it’s usually caused by a bacterial infection. This issue requires a doctor’s diagnosis to ensure that it is not the result of other problems. This health issue is often referred to as BV, and can cause problems with *** transmitted diseases. It can also increase pregnancy risk, with many women delivering early as a result. While there are some symptoms that should be the signs that this issue is in place, but there are some women that don’t see an onset of any symptoms at all.

Understanding The Symptoms

As stated above, sometimes, there are no symptoms. When there are no symptoms present, things can be hard to tell whether something is wrong. When there are issues present, it’s important to determine what could possibly be going wrong. That being said, scent, discharge, and burning when urinating could all be linked to bacterial vaginosis. There could be a gray discharge that also smells, as well as pain, itching, and even burning across the vagina. Once symptoms, if any start to come through, it’s imperative to see a doctor to ensure that the issue is in fact bacterial vaginosis. A simple pH test, and acidity test could be utilized.

Root Causes

There are several different root causes that may be the root issue. Some of the main root causes could be a result of douching. This could cause bacterial infections to arise, and it has been discouraged by medical professionals.

Another root cause could be a result of *** transmitted diseases. Pelvic inflammation can be the result of *** issues, however, it should be noted that the bacterial infection could be problematic for even those that aren’t *** active at all.

A great number of women may develop BV after a certain age. Menopause causes a great deal of changes in the body, and bacterial growth could very well be one of the main issues. Spermicidal lubricants, and other elements can also cause problems here as well. Women can also develop the issue when dealing with partners that are uncircumcised (only if unclean).

The Treatment Options

There are several treatments that come with treating BV. In order to get rid of the problem, one must get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. Doctors will usually check the pH levels to see whether or not bacterial infection is due to this issue. Once a doctor sees the results, they will recommend one of two solutions. The first is a common route of antibiotics. This can be a topical solution or something that is taken orally, and can last upwards of a few weeks to ensure that the issue is eradicated.
Another route that can be taken is that of probiotic use. The use of probiotics can help with BV, however, it is not a “cure all”, as research continues in this regards. A doctor will most likely provide a few courses of treatment, including antibiotics, and perhaps an additional leg of treatment to ensure that the issue is completely done.

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The Facts of Bacterial Vaginosis
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