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Mucinex Coupons - where to find them

Aleshia Faithfull

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Using Mucinex coupons will allow you to save money on this over the counter medication used to help treat the symptoms associated with a cold or other respiratory issues. Guaifenesin, the main ingredient in Mucinex, was only available by prescription until recently. The drug is used to break up mucus that can cause congestion. Because it’s available over the counter now, you shouldn’t expect your insurance company to cover it.

Even if you have a flexible spending account or heath savings account, using Mucinex coupons can help make it more affordable. Any place you can save money and keep valuable medication on hand is a good thing. There are plenty of ways you can find free coupons that will make this easier.

For More than the Common Cold

While the most popular reason to take Mucinex is to help treat the common cold, it has also been successfully used to help treat congestion associated with allergies. Allergy symptoms can be very similar to those of colds, so using Mucinex can help relieve some of this. If you’ve dealt with seasonal allergies you know how excruciating it can be to try to deal with chronic watery eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, and coughing. Mucinex D can help clear up a lot of these allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, Mucinex D is also one of the more expensive forms of Mucinex available. This is why finding discount coupons will be important. The right Mucinex coupons will allow you to keep this on hand for the allergy season without spending a ton of money.

Finding the Right Mucinex Coupon

Since Mucinex is an OTC medication, finding Mucinex coupons is relatively easy. If your doctor tells you get this to treat a cold, then ask if they have coupons. Drug reps will often give coupons, including OTC coupons to the doctors. You may also ask if they have free samples. It’s not going to be as common to find an over the counter medication as a sample, but it’s also not impossible. It never hurts to ask. Your insurance company may offer discounts as well. You can give them a call and see what’s available. They may have programs that help you save, or there may be a discount associated at certain pharmacies just by showing your prescription insurance card when you check out. If you don’t find discounts this way, check your Sunday ad circulars. You’ll often find coupons in the sales papers, especially during the cold and flu season. The Mucinex website may offer great printable coupons as well. If you don’t have time to check all of this, find a coupon site that will offer you free access to different grocery coupons. These coupon sites are free, and will offer plenty of options. This way you can compare your entire shopping list to the available coupons. This method is the fastest method, and if you plan it right you can save with Mucinex coupons and save on the other items on your list too.

Check the Manufacturer’s Page

Another great place to look for Mucinex coupons is the product’s web page. The page will contain lots of helpful info on how to stay healthy during cold and flu season, tips on keeping kids washing their hands and ways to prevent sickness in older relatives. There might even be description on all of the products and of there are any new products coming out this season. There might be a printable coupon or there may be a place on the website to register and sign up for a free newsletter.

A free newsletter is mailed to your email box once you sign up. They usually ask for a name and email address, along with how many people live in your household and what their ages are. Depending on the answers will determine how many coupons you are sent. A large family might receive several coupons each month while a single person will only get a few. The newsletter can be custom made to suit your needs. The newsletter might even contain a recipe or two to help you get through a bad cough or cold.

When you have coupons from a newsletter, cut them out and file them with the Sunday newspaper coupons in your coupon box. Mucinex coupons should go within the medicine tab or if you have a personal products category, file it under that one. Don’t lose the coupon as it could be very valuable to you in the future, especially if you don’t have a cold right now. The even better thing would be to look for a sale price on the product and go and use the coupon ahead of time. Stocking up on the product before you are sick will mean that you don’t have to run out to the store when you are sick and need something. Using Mucinex coupons now, while you are healthy, is a smart plan for your future as well – because almost everyone gets at least one cold a year.

Doubling Mucinex Coupons

An even better option with your coupon is to find a pharmacy or a grocery store that will double that coupon. Mucinex coupons that were worth $.50 are suddenly worth $1, simply because you looked around and found a day of the week when they could be doubled. A double coupon policy works a few different ways at a store. Coupons might doubled all the time, up to $1, so it doesn’t matter when you use them or on what product. A store might also have a policy where they are doubled only one or two days of the week. Rearrange your shopping so it can fall on those days of the week with double coupons allowed.

Doubling coupons doesn’t require any effort on your part. When you have Mucinex coupons, simply read the directions on the front and see what you need to purchase in order to get the savings. If it is two packages, then take two packages to the checkout counter. If it is double coupon day, then your coupon will be doubled up to $1 automatically by the scanning system. Make sure to have the correct quantity or sized product to match the coupon. If the sizes or quantity do not match, then the coupon will not be subtracted from your total and you will have to go back and get the correct items or save the coupon for another trip.

Donating Mucinex Coupons

If you aren’t going to be using the Mucinex coupons or you have a large pile of them saved up and don’t need them all, think about donating a few of those coupons. There are groups in your community that reach out and take care of people who are less fortunate during the winter months. Those groups might be a homeless shelter, a women’s shelter or even a church agency. When people come in those doors and need a healthcare item, the group will usually provide it. Mucinex coupon will help the agency save a lot of money when they buy this medicine, especially during cold and flu season. And they will want to get the medicine and stock up because they don’t want people coming through their doors that are contagious and will make other people they are in contact with sick.

Donating coupons is almost the equivalent of donating money to the organization. Coupons make their budget stretch out longer and then they can help more people. Mucinex coupons also help keep everyone healthy during the winter months.


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