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How Cleaning Products Affect Our Health

Adrian Fisher

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If we go back in time and bring people back here with us, they'd probably perish from the levels of toxicity. It seems that everything surrounding our modern day lives is toxic and cleaning products are way off the chart. It is no secret that commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that pollute the Earth – what's worse is that manufacturers claim that their products are “eco-friendly” and “safe”. Well, if you want to learn how cleaning products affect our health then you are on the right spot. Without further ado, let's take quick look at how different chemicals in cleaning solutions slowly poison us.

Nowadays, many scientists are concerned that long term chemical exposure of low-level is just as bad as high-dose exposure in short-term. To put it in simple words, the long term chemical exposure is slowly stacking up in your body. and the results are dire!

You see, skin cells are porous and permeable, allowing chemicals to actually enter into our bodies. Once inside, all hell breaks loose. A multitude of health problems can be induced and there are just so many factors involved. So here are some of the health issues that can be triggered due exposure to chemicals found in cleaning products:

1. Respiratory problems – such as breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, and even asthma. For instance, mixing bleach with anything acidic will produce a toxic gas that is lethal.

2. Neurological problems – foggy thinking, confusion, headaches, dizziness, discomfort, seemingly random spasms of main in body parts.

4. VOCs – it is a condition. After being exposed to toxic chemicals in the air an individual can become ill (violation of organic compounds).

5. Cancer – just saying the word can send chills down your spine that have nothing to do with the cold weather. When your immune system is no longer able to fight of mutagen cells, you get cancer. There are also many factors involved in here but that is the just of it. A curious fact is that cancer often spreads among the population of affluent societies while the percentage of suffers among the not so fortunate is severely lower.

6. Endocrine disorders – You've probably seen a few House M. D. episodes. Does Lupus ring a bell? Apparently, chemicals found commercial cleaners can often trigger autoimmune diseases as well.

If these facts frighten you, well, that's good. It means that you will probably take some measures to lower the toxins coming from commercial cleaners in your life. And there are plenty of things you can do. For instance, forget about commercial cleaners and switch to green cleaning solutions. There are many household products like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda that have hundreds if not thousands of practical uses and can be used in domestic cleaning as well. Do a research on your own and see what will work best for you.

You are using professional cleaning services instead of cleaning your home on your own? Find out what kind of cleaning products your service provider is using. There are companies like cleaners Barking that use only green cleaning methods. In order to create a chemical-free home, all you need to do is to limit social activities involving exposure to chemicals.


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