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Sore Throat Can Have Many Causes


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A sore throat, a disease that occurs as a result of bacterial or viral infections, is the main symptom reported by patients in medical emergency care. Otorhinolaryngologist also said that the problem may be due to reflux.

"The infections and sore throats, tonsillitis calls are the most frequent causes of pain. Not always a pain in the neck is a sign of infection, it can also have other causes such as gastro-esophageal reflux (return of stomach acid contents into the esophagus), canker sores and, exceptionally, some tumors can also be cause of pain throat, “says otolaryngologist, Rafael Francisco dos Santos.

According to the specialist, infection, and pain in the throat, the patient has other symptoms. “There may also be hoarseness, fever, body aches, headache and difficulty swallowing" she says.

The disease, according to Santos, is easily diagnosed through a consultation with the specialist. “There is no need for additional tests to diagnose strep throat, just a conversation with the doctor and a quick examination during the consultation. “

Regardless of easy diagnosis, otorhinolaryngologists says about the importance of seeking a specialist in pain cases. “It is important to look for a doctor, cases symptoms persist for more than two weeks, the pain can be associated with more than one cause, so the problem will be better diagnosed and treated properly, " warns expert.

Pharyngitis and tonsillitis

According to the otolaryngologist, the difference between tonsillitis and pharyngitis is related to the region affected by infection. “Pharyngitis is when the whole region of the throat (pharynx) is infected. Have tonsillitis is when the infection is localized only in the amygdala, " he says.

Symptoms of both, according to Santos, are the same. “What differentiates one from another is the clinical examination will show that the region in which the infection is located, " he says.


The expert says that the treatment depends on the causes of pain. “When the cause is viral, the use of painkillers is sufficient, but when the cause is bacterial, it is necessary to use antibiotics, usually associated with the use of anti-inflammatory, " he explains.

Laryngeal cancer

According to the Brazilian Society of Otolaryngology and Neck Surgery, the main causes of laryngeal cancer are smoking and alcohol. “The first symptoms of cancer are hoarseness, vocal fatigue, sore throat, muscle pain in the neck and much fatigue. “

It is estimated that 2% of Brazilian teachers, according to the Company are suspended from their duties by problems in the larynx. “In addition to educators, many professionals use the voice as a working tool. Of the 15 000 cases of laryngeal cancer reported annually in Brazil, eight thousand are fatal, " he explains.

Tonsil surgery

According to the otorhinolaryngologists, Rafael Francisco dos Santos, the tonsils must be removed when the patient, besides having more than four infections a year, has other problems. “Given the context of infection, the patient takes large amounts of antibiotics during the year. With this, one should make a careful evaluation, considering the other patient factors as coexisting diseases and severity of tonsillitis. After the doctor will say whether or not the need for surgery, " he says.

Besides the result of various infections, surgery is indicated when the tonsils impair breathing. “A tonsillectomy (surgical removal of tonsils) may be made when the tonsils are very large and hinder breathing, especially at night. “

Another factor that may determine the surgery is when the tonsils cause bad breath to the patient. “They can collect food waste in their crypts (holes that all have tonsils) causing halitosis. The removal of them can solve the problem, " he says.

Hot drinks

According to Rafael Francisco dos Santos, otorhinolaryngologists, hot drinks can worsen the pain sensation in the throat. “In cases of pain is better to drink warm or at room temperature, " he explains.

The expert says that drinking cold does not interfere with the onset of pain. “There is no correlation between cold drinks and the infection rates of sore throat, " he says.


According to Santos, the highest rates of throat infections occur in the winter months. " The vast majority of pharyngitis is caused by the same viruses that trigger the flu and colds, especially in the coldest time of year. “
The dry weather in winter, can also encourage throat infections. “The dryness of the air causes irritation to the respiratory mucosa, lowering the barriers of defense of the immune system and this increases infection rates, " he says.

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