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Different Methods of Kidney Stones Removal


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Many people from the world are suffering with kidney stones. These are waste products which calcify or harden at the bottom of the kidney due to Calcium, oxalate and uric acid deposits in the blood. Usually, stones are small enough to pass through the ureter. But if the stones start to become bigger, they can cause numerous risky complications, not to mention excruciating pain and discomfort.

Prevention is the simplest method of kidney stones removal. There is new research that says prevention of these is the best way to treat them. Drinking lots of water is often suggested to those that are trying to get kidney stones to pass. However other methods are often taken for granted or not mentioned at all. Education is vital to the effective removal of these stones before they get to the painful stage.

When removed naturally from the kidney, kidney stones are usually made to pass along with the urine. This method is the most common when it comes to kidney stone removal treatments. Stones which are less than five millimeters in size they can be passed to the bladder easily as they do not cause any pain. However, larger stones which cannot be removed easily are broken down into smaller pieces by the various kidney stone removal treatments.

This method can cause serious pain. Why does it cause so much pain? They cause extreme pain because the stone like particles have sharp edges. These edges are jagged in look and the pain occurs when they try to pass through the Ureter. It could cause damage to the urinary organs too. This is why some people experience blood in their urine.

Yet another common method of removing stones slightly larger in size is the jump and bump method, which will require you to jump and bump in order to pass the stones from the kidney to the bladder. You will feel the pain as long as the stones are stuck in your urethra. However, once you manage to make the stones reach the bladder, it will only be a matter of few hours or days before they come out along with the passing of urine.

The one method that has gained the most popularity in recent years is called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, or ESWL. This procedure employs a machine that produces a shock wave which travels harmlessly through the skin and internal organs, but breaks the stone into smaller pieces that are more likely to flow through the ureters and bladder in urine.

You can make it a habit of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables which contain water. It's also advisable that you avoid taking excess vitamins, especially vitamin supplements. Pain relievers can help control the pain of passing out kidney stones, while going through the natural method of clearing the stones.

In general, kidney stone removal can be made less painful by eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting enough exercise. While it may sound like you have to avoid many foods, you don't have to eliminate protein and oxalates completely - they just should not be consumed in large quantities.

Performing kidney stone removal can be tricky as there many things need to be concerned. Visit for information about cause of kidney stones , kidney stone removal, passing a kidney stone , and much more…


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