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Knee Pain - Common Causes of Knee Pain


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Though not always considered seriously, knee pain can cause of losing ability to do normal activities in our daily life. our knee play important role on the movements of our legs and important for walking. The knee also bears our body weight hence lessening the strain on the lower limbs. Our knees are very essential for our everyday activities.

The knee is the complex joint in the human body. In includes three compartments. The patella, normally called as the knee cap, a small bone that builds front of the knee. This bone is known as sesamoid bone. The term of a sesamoid bone refers to a tiny bone embedded in tendons and size around two inches.

The knee joint is started at the point where the thigh bone meets the shine bone. Other standard components of the knee joint consist of ligaments and cartilage which give stability and strength to the knee joint.

Ligaments are typically the fibrous tissues that hook up bones together. The have capability to stretch therefore permitting movements in joints like knee. We experience knee pain when ligaments suffer injury in knee joint. According to the ligament injure, tenderness may experienced above area of injury or inside of the knee. Ligament injury cause pain even we take rest or can be accompanied by warm sensation or swelling. When we bend knee that moment we feel sever pain. Also experiencing pain on walking, running.

Knee pain treatment resulting from ligament injuries based on the injury condition. Initially treatment normally involves use of ice packs to the knee, elevation and rest of the knee. Immobilization may use of braces and splints for more sever injuries. Open surgery may need to cure the sever ligaments injuries.

The pressure between the shine bone and thigh bone that create knee joint and may result friction. Cartilaginous tissue between these two bones called as meniscus. Meniscus tearing makes knee pain. The tearing results from sharp shearing forces that are caused by the rotation of the knee joint. These are commonly felt in rapid and sharp movements of the knee which are common in sports requiring fast body reactions.

Patellar tendonitis - This is pain that is experienced over the front of the knee. Patellar tendon is a huge tendon that is situated in front of the knees and it helps us to bend our knees. When the tendon is inflamed, movement of the knees will be painful.

Chodromalacia patella - In this condition, the cartilage located at the back of the knee cap has softened and it often occurs in children.

Burisitis - When the bursa on the knees gets damaged, it will inflame and will cause pain on the knees.

knee pain as a result of meniscus tears is very common with aging as regular part of degeneration. The pain is caused as popping sensation that turns into worse when doping any activities and need of knee rotation.


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