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Breast cancer patients should be concerned In menopause


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When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and she is in menopause, Five years after surgery is a critical period of treatment. Patients need to go to a hospital checking regularly. It increases the risk of breast cancer recurrence and metastasis If the patient shows symptoms of menopause after surgery. Chinese herbs and western drug is combined for the breast cancer treatment, can prevent breast cancer recurrence and metastasis effectively.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, particularly in the developed countries. Breast cancer : Malignant tumour in a Breast, usually in women after menopause. The anomalous daily schedule will cause the feminine estrogen secretion disorder, easy to cause breast cancer's occurrence. Lifestyle changes and unhealthy living habits are very easy to stimulate the female hormones, long-term high level of female hormone levels lead to genetic changes. Breast cancer is a hormone-dependent tumors. The incidence of breast cancer increases with age. Asian female breast cancer incidence rate has been close to Europe and the United States, the incidence and earlier age than women in Europe and the United States. The peak of incidence rate of all malignant tumor is at age group 65 to 75 while it is at age group 45 to 55 for breast cancer. In this experiment, all the women had been successfully treated for early stage breast cancer. Their average age was 53 when the study began. The average 50-year-old woman has a 2.5 per cent risk of deeloping breast cancer oer 10 years. If she has extensie breast density, the risk doubles to fie per cent. Although age is the biggest single risk factor – 80% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women over the age of 50 – being overweight after the menopause increases your risk even further.

Climacteric is the transitional period of women from maturity tot he old age. Women aged 51~55 years will show decrease of hormone excretion during menopause. Many doctor advised patients receiving hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is that patients were added with estrogen appropriately. Estrogen is the main culprit that leading to breast cancer. Therefore, on the basis of conventional chemotherapy. Advise patients can check the T-cell subsets in body condition. Reconstruction in the treatment of immune cells to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. іѕ a nеw star οf Cancer Rehabilitation Website іt wіƖƖ bе tο provide thе latest information аbουt Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) nipple cancer Asbestos Attorney Breast cancer treatment lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info


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Digital Mammography Images increases the survival rate of breast cancer patients
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