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Reducing Risk Factors for Breast Cancer


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In USA breast cancer known as second leading cause of death after lung cancer. Each year thousands of patients died on this cancer. Early diagnosed and proper treatment in initial stage of breast cancer growth is only one solution.

All women should know some basic facts that decrease the risk for improving breast cancer. Prophylactic oophorectomy, exercise, prophylactic mastectomy, aromatase inhibitors and SERMS are help to overcome cancer risk in breast. Chain smoking, second hand smoking, environment, unhealthy diet, abortion like factors are increase high risk of developing breast cancer for women.

SERMs(selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) are one kind drugs giving response same as estrogen help tissues to unblock and help reduce risk of cancer cells growing in breast but the women may face side effects of taking SERM drug such as endometrial cancer, problem in lungs, blood clots in veins and stroke. Before taking SERM drugs women must console their breast status with doctor and know the risk of taking SERM drugs.

Women those have family or hereditary history for them prophylactic mastectomy and both breast removal is only way to prevent breast cancer risk. Women should be careful of taking decision to take prophylactic mastectomy because women in prophylactic mastectomy may suffer depression or anxiety.

By taking Aromatase inhibitors estrogen level of women’s body amazingly decrease and positive result of showing lower risk of breast cancer for postmenopausal women. Aromatase inhibitors force to stop enzyme aromatase function which converts androgens into estrogens. Reducing bone strength and giving negative effects of brain functions like lack of learning, memory or hesitating talk, like are the side effects by taking Aromatase inhibitors.

Reducing the estrogen amount built by the body with the removal of prophylactic oophorectomy and ovaries a woman may face reduce of improving risk of breast cancer? Also women can take drugs to stop producing estrogen from ovaries. The side effect of this taking drug is sudden decrease of estrogen resulting sleeping trouble, cause menopause symptoms, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, dryness in vaginal, loss of bone strength, or losing interest in sex.

Women can reduce their hormonal level without taking any drugs that is exercise. Women should need to one hour per day and able to decreasing breast cancer. Exercise mainly work good for younger women who have low weight or overweight. Rather then lessen risk of breast cancer it helps to make bone strong and muscles tight.

New studies also found that abortion is another cause of developing risk of breast cancer but it rarer.

Diet play major act to stay healthy. Healthy diet is one solution to control improving cancer in breast cells.

According to the recent research, regular smoking and second hand smoking help 10% risk of growing breast cancer. In one word I can say women should aware about risk and non-risk of breast cancer .

Here are some important steps you have to follow to stop breast cancer:

* Eat everyday healthy diet, add wide range of fresh fruits and green vegetables

* Engage in several activities in order to stay active

* Add olive oil in your meal

* Avoid stop to drink alcohol

* Breast feed your baby


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10 Healthy Lifestyle for Reducing Your Risk of Many Cancer
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