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DC-CIK biological cells be used for lung cancer bone metastases treatment


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Patients with lung cancer recurrence and metastasis rates are relatively high, there are still some patients with lung cancer again, this is the basic feature of malignant tumors. Advanced lung cancer often with bone metastasis, Osseous metastasis in lung cancer is characterized by multiple osteolytic damage, Especially small cell lung cancer and adenocarcinoma. Rate of Bone metastasis is 20% -40%. Same side of the ribs and spine are the most common. Of early bone metastases in general without any symptoms, bone isotope scan can be found to have bone lesions. Late symptoms are localized intractable pain and a fixed point of tenderness.

How to treat lung cancer bone metastasis?

Surgical treatment of lung cancer bone metastases, because bone metastases occur frequently in advanced lung cancer. Surgical therapy is not recommended in clinical. Removed lung cancer at the same time remove bone lesions is not conducive to patient recovery. There will be serious complications and bone metastases after surgery. Even increase the difficulty of treatment, so surgery is generally not considered.

Radiation therapy treat lung cancer bone metastases. Pain Relief after About 50% of patients with bone metastasis accept the radiotherapy, About 75% of patients can reduce pain significantly. Radionuclide therapy can be used with chemotherapy at the same time. and check the white blood cell changes Regular.

Chemotherapy treat bone metastasis, Systemic chemotherapy treat lung cancer bone metastases and also has efficacy for potential metastasis. A good chemotherapy Program have a Relieving effects. The dose of chemotherapy drugs are relatively high according to different physical status of patients. Chemotherapy will cause a certain degree of gastrointestinal toxicity and bone marrow depression. The biological treatment and the lung cancer bone metastases the treatment also to test in clinical. Biological therapy usually use DC-CIK biological cells, CIK cells are also called cytokine induced killer, CIK cells have characteristics of quickly proliferative, cancer-killing strong, No killing effect on normal cells, adjust the body's immune status, stimulate bone marrow. DC can identify the antigen, activate acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. CIK secrete Cytokines and to kill tumor cells in lung cancer. Dendritic cell(DC) is the most powerful antigen-presenting cell in human body. It is the major antigen-presenting cell in innate immunity and play an important role in cancer suppresion. cytokine induced killer(CIK) is the lymphocyte, present in human blood, after a certain time to develop an immune active cells.
DC-CIK biological cells be used for lung cancer bone metastases treatment . is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Breast cancer treatment lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info

lung cancer bone metastases

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