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The drugs Exemestane can reduce 60% the risk of breast cancer


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Exemestane can prevent breast cancer, The drug has been in the domestic market. If the people without breast cancer take exemestane before can reduce 60% the risk of breast cancer. Exemestane is an effective steroidal aromatase inactivator with superior tolerability, safety and efficacy in the adjuvant, neo-adjuvant and metastatic therapy of breast cancer.

The price of exemestane price is very expensive, Each month to pay 300-400 US dollars to take the medicine.

The drug has been shown that breast cancer can be prevented. There are two other drugs can also prevent breast cancer, one is tamoxifen and other is raloxifene Evista. The risk of breast cancer will be reduced by 50% if the women take tamoxifen for 5 years and the raloxifene Evista is 38%.

Tamoxifen has been shown to reduce the recurrence of ER-positive breast cancer when used after primary treatment. About 500, 000 women in the United States take tamoxifen, which cuts in half the chances of a breast cancer recurrence. Breast Cancer Prevention Trial begins testing tamoxifen a cancer treatment drug as a preventive agent in women at increased risk of the disease. For those who find out that they are at higher risk, the drugs tamoxifen and raloxifene may be options for lowering their risk.

However, these two drugs has the risk of uterine cancer and blood clots, Both teriparatide and raloxifene can significantly reduce the occurrence of new adjacent and nonadjacent vertebral fractures. Despite this risk, tamoxifen and another drug in this class, raloxifene, remain an extensively used and popular treatment.

Although women may get the health from two new drugs, 4% of women taking these two drugs. Exemestane has no side effects than either drug. Subjects were 4560 postmenopausal women from Canada, the United States, France and Spain.

Half of them taking exemestane, After three years, researchers found that only 11 of these people who suffer from breast cancer, without taking the drug have 32 people suffering from breast cancer. The drugs Exemestane can reduce 60% the risk of breast cancer is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Breast cancer treatment lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info


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