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The adjuvant treatment can reduce the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy


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Breast cancer Chemotherapy before surgery is called “new adjuvant chemotherapy". Chemotheraopy Treatment can make breast tumor shrinkage to reduce surgical trauma, and then to do the Radical surgery. This treatment can improve chances of patients survive. it still was still the main modality of curative treatment. it has become the most standard treatment for locally advanced breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer.

But the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy make a lot of patients feel doubt, anxiety, feelings of irritability, depression. so Effective psychological care could help patients with malignant tumor to overcome harmful psychological condition, improve survival quality and obtain best treat response. With the development of medicine, breast-conserving surgery has been accepted by patients. Recent studies show that the breast conservation surgery is the main model for treating stage Ⅰand Ⅱ of breast cancer. For patients with early breast, conserving surgery is a safe and effective therapy.

Almost all patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy irrespective of what kind of cancer they are suffering from have shown vomiting and nausea as one of the main side effects either immediately after chemotherapy is administered or within a few hours. Though the feeling of nausea can last for a few days doctors usually prescribe anti nauseating drugs so that they find some relief. Some patients prefer other therapies like hypnosis, relaxation therapy or even aromatherapy. Hair loss yet another side effect associated with chemotherapy and this can be rather depressing as this loss though slow initially will make you bald within a few weeks of undergoing this treatment. The loss of hair is not only visible due to your baldness but then you tend to lose hair from your body along with eyelashes and eyebrows too. This hair loss is temporary and grows back after the completion of the treatment.

Mouth sores causing ulcers of the mouth and gums. The need here is to develop a good hygiene and a regular visit to the dentist also helps in getting yourself cured without facing many problems.
Fatigue and tiredness are also felt due to chemotherapy and this is known to last for a few months even after the completion of chemotherapy. The ability to think clearly and concentrate is lost.
As there is a low count of blood cells this can affect the bone marrow and thus the body becomes susceptible to infections. The doctors ask the patient to undergo blood tests before starting each cycle so that they can postpone the treatment in case the count is less than the required amount.
Fertility is another permanent damage caused due to chemotherapy. Women undergoing chemotherapy may complaint about irregular menstrual cycle where they flow may be either heavy or light, sometimes chemotherapy may stop the menstrual cycle completely which could lead to infertility. This factor again depends upon age factor. The need to consult your doctor before undergoing treatment becomes utmost important.

Other side effects that are associated with breast cancer chemo especially those suffering from breast cancer are loss of appetite, urinary tract problems, sore eyes, diarrhoea and running nose. These side effects are temporary and disappear after the completion of treatment. is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Breast cancer treatment lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info


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Can You Prevent Chemotherapy Side Effects with All Natural Herbs?
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