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Chinese medicine can reduce side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy


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Breast cancer chemotherapy and breast-conserving therapy are the two main treatment of early breast cancer. Breast cancer chemotherapy is often used to treat breast cancer in stage Ⅱ or cancer metastasis as systemic treatment. Breast cancer chemotherapy can effectively kill cancer cells, at the same time can also kill the Normal human cells. The strong drugs used in chemotherapy cause a number of toxic side effects because it kills healthy cells as well as cancerous ones, so that Many side-effects are caused.

Make The chemotherapy plan based on patient's physical and adjuvant treatment with Chinese medicine is the best treatment options for Patients with early breast cancer. Clinically proven Chemotherapy improves survival and is an effective means of palliation of breast cancer. these measures supplemented with chemotherapy and hormone therapy can prevent the distant metastasis and improve survival rate in younger patients.
Breast cancer chemotherapy drugs: At present chemotherapy often be used, CMF (Cyclophosphamide + methotrexate +5- FU) program is commonly used programs.

CEF chemotherapy is a Combination therapy (Cyclophosphamide + epirubicin + 5-fluorouracil). CAF program is Cyclophosphamide + doxorubicin +5- FU. CAT program is Cyclophosphamide + doxorubicin + docetaxel. The taxanes, which are among the most promising cytotoxic agents in clinical use have considerable activity in a number of tumor types. Chemotherapy is an important tool, Through oral, injection treatment of cancer anti-cancer drugs. Xeloda is the only FDA-approved oral chemotherapy for both metastatic breast cancer and adjuvant and metastatic colorectal cancer.

The use of oral or injected chemotherapy drugs to kill breast cancer cells can be effective if the cancer is diagnosed early, but once it has spread metastasized it is almost always fatal. Patients who are being treated with intravenous chemotherapy may benefit from having a long-term IV catheter inserted.
Medical workers in their study found that Chinese medicine can be resumed leukemia cells to chemotherapy sensitivity. It plays an important role in preventing and treating chemotherapy-induced emesis, especially in delayed emesis.

TCM combinated interventional chemotherapy on Advanced primary hepatic cancer is a kind of safe and effective methods, and is worthy to be spreaded in clinic practice.
Breast cancer patient should alert breast cancer distant metastasis of cancer cells. is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) breast cancer chemotherapy lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info


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